WidLaser C500 Laser Cutter enhances efficiency for leading UK mobile operator

In the busy workshop of a leading UK mobile operator, a new WidLaser C500 laser cutter, supplied by Graphtec GB, has delivered improved speed and quality.

WidLaser C500
WidLaser C500

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Towards the end of 2023, as the workshop’s demands reached maximum capacity, the need for a solution that could support increased workloads became apparent. The previous equipment, while reliable, was unable to keep up with the business’s increasing requirements. Recognising the necessity for a change and wanting to work with an alternative supplier, the company visited Graphtec GB and quickly decided to install the WidLaser C500.

Manufacturer diversity was important to the company because it had experienced shortcomings in the support of its existing equipment. The company wanted to work with a supplier that understood the impact these machines have on the business and the damage that downtime can do. Graphtec GB’s reputation for customer service and support is well established, and the company was keen to work with them to supply, install and support the new WidLaser.

Installation and Training

WidLaser C500
WidLaser C500

The installation of the WidLaser C500 reflected Graphtec GB’s professionalism and attention to detail. Prior to the installation, The customer was provided with a comprehensive list of pre-installation requirements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process on the day of installation. A team of two engineers expertly installed the machine, while Graphtec GB’s support team provided thorough on-site training, covering everything from machine operation to software usage. The team is also available to provide remote support and guidance for allowing the customer to maximise the use and benefits of the new machine.

Since integrating the WidLaser C500 into their workflow, the company has enjoyed huge improvements in performance. The machine’s speed and precision have doubled their productivity, allowing them to tackle larger projects with ease. From cutting acrylic to engraving coated aluminium, the C500 has proven its versatility and reliability time and time again.

A partnership built on trust and support

One of the most significant aspects of the partnership with Graphtec GB has been the solid and professional support received throughout the process. From the initial contact to ongoing remote support, the company has said that Graphtec GB has gone above and beyond to ensure that its needs are met every step of the way. The personalised approach and dedication to customer satisfaction have been hugely appreciated and have helped the company to maximise the investment in laser cutting technology.

Looking Towards the Future
As the workshop thrives with the WidLaser C500 at its core, the future looks bright. While the current solution meets their needs, the company has said that Graphtec GB will be their first choice for any future requirements. With their innovative technology and unparalleled support, Graphtec GB has become a valued, long-term partner.

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