Graphtec GB Appoints Nova Chrome UK as Reseller for Mutoh UV Printers

Nova Chrome UK to expand equipment offering with Mutoh UV Direct-to-Object Printers

Nova Chrome UK is a family-run business founded in 1981. It is one of the pioneers of the personalised products market and now operates from a modern, purpose-built facility in Anglesey.

The company supplies equipment, consumables, and services to customers who use dye-sublimation printing to produce a wide range of personalised items. Ryan Connolly, Business Development Manager at Nova Chrome UK, explains, “My grandparents started the business in 1981, printing and glazing decorated plates and mugs, then selling them at local markets. Since then we have steadily developed the company in line with new technologies and the latest innovations. When dye-sublimation first appeared in 1992, it was a natural step for us, and we have become one of the UK’s go-to suppliers for one-stop-shop solutions in this area. We provide all the equipment, services and support our customers need to build and develop their personalised products businesses.”

Mutoh UV
Graphtec GB’s Lawrence Hebron (L) with Nova Chrome’s Ryan Connolly and Ian McDowall

Nova Chrome provides solutions for businesses of all sizes, from startup home-based companies to major print firms across the UK. “Year after year, the sheer quality that these printers deliver continues to amaze me. Even the latest desktop models, which are relatively inexpensive, have incredible output. This has driven the market for small home businesses as well as the larger players producing huge volumes of personalised products. We have worked hard to develop a reputation for delivering great products and services and treating our customers with respect and professionalism at all times,” says Ryan.

Time for Mutoh UV

Nova Chrome has been a Mutoh reseller since 2022, selling their water-based printers for sublimation solutions. In May 2024, it installed its first UV Flatbed printer, the Mutoh XpertJet 661UF, at its Anglesey warehouse and showroom. Ryan says, “We have always been impressed with the quality of Mutoh printers and when we saw the new UV flatbed machine, we immediately saw the potential. As a business, we are always looking to grow and expand our offerings and the Mutoh UV opens up exciting new market potential for us, particularly in the sign trade.”

Ryan sees potential for the Mutoh UV printer for both existing new and existing customers. “I know several customers who will be interested in this product because of the additional revenue and business opportunities it will offer them. However, we are also extremely excited about the new markets and potential customers we can talk to about this technology.”

He explains, “I can see customers looking at this printer as a cost-effective solution for delivering a broad range of new applications that are complementary to the services they traditionally offer. The Mutoh UV is direct-to-object rather than dye-sublimation, so it can offer a completely new range of high-volume, low-cost products, including signage and information boards, as well as smaller promotion products, like golf balls and pens.”

Solid Reputation

Lawrence Hebron, Mutoh Product Manager for Graphtec GB, adds, “We are delighted to appoint Nova Chrome as a UK reseller for the Mutoh UV products. They are a fantastic company with a solid reputation for delivering quality solutions and professional support. We agree that many companies that are already in the product and garment personalisation industry have the necessary skills and contacts to gain new and incremental business with a Mutoh UV direct-to-object printer.”

Ryan adds, “We felt it was very important that we purchased a machine for our own premises. It’s a great product and we want to show our customers the printer in action and allow them to give it a thorough examination before they invest. It is also important that we fully understand the product so we can run samples and tests and so that we know the machine inside out to provide customers with the best possible support.”

He continues, “Working with Graphtec GB has been extremely positive. They are very professional and have given us all the support and guidance we needed to get the machine up and running and ready to show our customers. We look forward to further developing the relationship as we go to market with the new printer.”

Ryan concludes, “With the Mutoh UV printer in place, we are now set to introduce it to new and existing customers. We are developing a comprehensive marketing plan, which includes trade shows, demonstrations and other communications as we look to build a solid base of installations across the UK. We’re genuinely excited about this product as it unlocks numerous opportunities for our customers, as well as potential new opportunities for Nova Chrome.”

Read more about Graphtec GB here and Nova Chrome here.

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