JBF Digital: Empowering multi-service excellence with Graphtec GB

JBF Digital’s commitment to innovation and quality shines through their use of cutting-edge technology, specifically the Graphtec GB Wid C1000 Laser

JBF Digital Limited is a dynamic, multi-service sign, print and graphics company, that takes pride in providing a comprehensive range of solutions to meet diverse business needs. With a core focus on retail, hoardings, shop fronts, direct-to-media and more, their journey has been one of evolution and growth. Their commitment to innovation and quality shines through their use of cutting-edge technology, specifically the Graphtec GB Wid C1000 Laser which they purchased though the Graphtec GB reseller Perfect Colours. This case study delves into the journey of JBF Digital Limited and how their integration of the WidLaser has elevated their ability to provide top-tier services.

JBF Digital Company Overview

The company is based in Sheerness, boasting a team of 2 dedicated employees who are supported by freelancers as needed. Founded by owner Joe Field in June 2017, JBF Digital Limited has quickly risen to prominence in the industry, with clients as prestigious as the Globe Theatre. What sets them apart is their versatile range of services that go beyond traditional printing. They offer solutions for vehicle graphics, workwear, graphic design, builds, installations, site surveys and fit-outs, ensuring they can meet a wide spectrum of business requirements. In its initial stages, the company primarily focused on installations. However, their reputation quickly grew through word-of-mouth recommendations, which led them to diversify their services.

JBF Digital Limited excels in several core market sectors. These include shop front graphics, high-end hoardings and top-quality graphics for big retailers and shops. Their expertise also extends to direct-to-media prints.



The Impact of Graphtec

JBF Digital’s association with Graphtec GB has transformed their business. It has enabled them to provide more comprehensive and diverse solutions to their clients, enhancing their capabilities and offerings. Their decision to partner with Graphtec GB as their preferred machine supplier came through a re-seller’s recommendation. This showcases the power of word-of-mouth and the trust established in the industry. “What sets the WidLaser apart isn’t just the machine itself; it’s the exceptional support and knowledge provided by the Graphtec team. The partnership goes beyond the product,” explained Joe Field (owner).

JBF Digital primarily uses the laser for cutting acrylic into shapes and letters for office and shop wall installations. This has significantly enhanced their precision and customisation capabilities, allowing them to offer unique solutions to their clients. The addition of the laser has opened new revenue streams, particularly in signage for offices, shops and retailers. JBF Digital can now offer end-to-end solutions. They are now able to offer fast paced precision cutting and engraving on multiple substrates as large as 1600x1000mm.

Like any technological integration, JBF Digital faced initial challenges, particularly in determining the correct speed and power settings for the perfect cut. However, their collaboration with Ellen Wain (product specialist) and her team at Graphtec GB helped them overcome these hurdles, resulting in optimal performance. “The WidLaser has proven to be intuitive and user-friendly. As with many tools, the more we use it, the easier it becomes to operate, making it an essential asset for our business,” said Joe Field


The C1000 uses a 120w CO2 laser tube to cut and engrave a diverse number of materials. WidInovations employ their Clean Protect design to protect users from dust and smoke via its built-in extraction system and sealed construction. WID’s high-quality build features allow the C1000 to achieve cutting speeds of up to 3 times the industry standard.

The WidLaser C1000 is designed to effectively respond to the demanding needs of the laser engraving and cutting market. WidInovations have developed a compact, fast, robust, reliable and technologically advanced range of laser cutting & engraving equipment to cater for the diverse needs of all users.

The compact dual-chassis design allows you to have all of the necessary elements to properly function with the equipment in a single volume. Wid’s Clean Protect design, with special dust-proof and smoke-proof linear modules, allows for speeds and accelerations up to 3 times higher than conventional equipment. This way, Wid can ensure that the C1000 is always operational.

New Revenue Streams

The introduction of the laser has unlocked new revenue streams, particularly in signage for offices, shops and retailers. Now, JBF Digital can offer comprehensive solutions from design to installation. The company is actively exploring international opportunities, including discussions with a major machine manufacturer for signage projects. JBF Digital constantly seeks ways to expand in all areas of their business. They see Graphtec as a vital partner in this journey, especially in integrating new machines.

Standing Out from the Competition

What truly sets JBF Digital apart is their unwavering commitment to delivering quality, quick turnaround times and a personal touch. They care deeply about their clients and maintain a high level of service quality. JBF Digital Limited’s journey serves as a testament to the power of innovation, strong partnerships and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Their adaptability and constant drive for excellence position them as leaders in the multi-service industry.

For more information about JBF Digital Ltd: www.jbfdigitalltd.co.uk Email: Joe@jbfdigitalltd.co.uk Tel: 07464 591 189
For more information on the WidLaser C1000 Laser series contact Graphtec GB https://graphtecgb.co.uk/+44 (0)1978 666700 sales@graphtecgb.co.uk

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