InkTec’s DTF solutions popularity grows with more installations

Following incredible success with the launch of their DTF Solutions range earlier in 2023, InkTec are continuing to build a strong portfolio of clients using the printers, powder-dryer shaker, ink and film.  


The DTF Solution range features everything needed to get started with DTF. Including state-of-the-art compact DTF Printer, powder-dryer shaker, full colour set of DTF inks and film. Using high-density inks to deliver a quality, soft touch finish, the resulting graphic stays flexible on the fabric and does not fade or crack over time (which can happen with other methods). Bright and vibrant colours are achieved which stand the test of time. Ideal for bespoke, tailored branding of promotional materials through to mass production.


As Sarah Hall, Sales Executive at InkTec said:

“Yet more DTF printer installations are being added to the estate. We now have a wide mix of customers. Some of them are typically already operating in the custom and personalised printing world and are keen to enhance their offering with the product finish that DTF can deliver. Others may have been focused on other forms of printing and are looking to open up additional revenue channels.”

Equally Gary Walker, Senior Business Development Specialist focused on consumables at InkTec said:

“This is proving to be an interesting extension of InkTec’s offering. It is really broadening who we work with across the printing sector. We are increasingly seeing printers who have traditionally seen us purely from a wide format perspective wanting to talk to us about how they could potentially diversify into DTF printing and promotional, custom merchandise.”

As a relatively new venture for InkTec, the DTF range is proving of interest to many, alongside the also newly launched UV-DTF Solutions range. Contrary to DTF printing which works best on soft surfaces, this approach creates graphic stickers that can be applied directly onto hard, smooth objects, or even irregular shapes. A combination of UV-curable ink and a special film creates ‘stickers’ that can be added to plastics, metal, board and more. With no need for detailed cutting around intricate designs, users simply take the graphic, peel off the backing film, press firmly, then peel off the front film. The UV-DTF portfolio includes printer, inks and film.

Both ranges have compact printer options available in either a 60cm or 30cm print width. And they are clearly delivering an accessible, easy to use range, which easily integrates into existing operations.

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