InkTec to shine a light on sustainability at Sign and Digital 2024

Large format printing sustainability is promising to be a key theme for InkTec’s appearance at Sign and Digital this year.

Large format printing sustainability: JETRIX LXi8 Flatbed UV Printer
The JETRIX LXi8 Flatbed UV Printer

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As manufacturer of the celebrated JETRIX printer series and consumables across a range of industries including textiles, signage, and graphics; InkTec is ideally positioned to share insights on how this can be achieved.  

The iconic JETRIX LXi8 Flatbed UV Printer will be on the stand with a brand-new GUI system. Responding to market demands it takes the nesting and mapping capacity of the existing system to a new level – maximising printing space and minimising media wastage. The 3.2m wide flatbed can deliver high production speeds of 206sqm/hr with optimal printing results. Primed to simplify, optimise and automate as many steps as possible, the application of the new GUI to the established LXi8, demonstrates the quality, adaptability and longevity of the kit. It illustrates how JETRIX printers can evolve over time to meet the changing needs of a business by easily being upgraded and modernised.

Large format printing sustainability: the JETRIX XGR320
Large format printing sustainability: the JETRIX XGR320

Another highlight of the InkTec stand will be first exhibition showing in the UK of the 3.2m UV LED Roll-to-Roll Printer – the JETRIX XGR320. This state-of-the-art printer features advanced, user-friendly technology, delivering consistent, high-quality printing every time. At a competitive price, the printer delivers high speeds without compromising on performance.

Both printers offer an extended lamp life of up to 20,000 hours, delivering eco-friendly printing with reduced energy consumption and no warmup time required. And will be printing using Green Guard accredited inks. To further reinforce the environmental approach, Brett Martin is also supplying their Foamalux Light and Marcryl Eco, which is their environmentally friendly acrylic flat sheet containing at least 50% regrind raw material, both media will also be printed on the JETRIX LXi8, using InkTec LX-LED ink.

InkTec’s original plan was to launch their next generation, multi-purpose flatbed – the JETRIX LXa5 at Sign and Digital. However, sadly due to the significant delays caused by the shipping challenges in the Suez Canal this has not proved possible. But as Julian Mennell, National Hardware Sales Manager says;

“While it is a real shame the JETRIX LXa5 delivery has been delayed, it has actually led to a great opportunity to illustrate the lifetime benefits of investing in a machine like the JETRIX LXi8. In fact, what better sustainability story than being able to take a machine that has developed with the pace of technology and still prints like it does! The long-term value of buying a JETRIX builds upon the right to repair and upgrade movement which is becoming increasing popular; moving away from a disposable, easy to dispense approach.”

Large format printing sustainability: the JETRIX LXa5
Large format printing sustainability: the JETRIX LXa5

In addition, Joey Kim, Managing Director of InkTec added; “While we will still have information available about the new JETRIX LXa5 at Sign and Digital, it gives us an opportunity to invite those interested to visit us, where they will actually enjoy a much more personalised and tailored demonstration in our demo suite. And this little glitch reinforces the strength of JETRIX and buying once, buying well.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to see the LXi8 and XGR320 in action, while also learning more about their features and benefits and those of the new JETRIX LXa5. Visit InkTec’s stand (J10, Hall 2) to learn more about how the JETRIX printers can evolve and respond to the changing dynamics of your printing business needs. Take the time to grab a drink, have a chat and while you are there get to understand the adaptability and flexibility of the machines.

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