Solar Signs pack a punch with InkTec’s DTF Printer

InkTec’s 60cm DTF Printer is settling into its new home at Solar Signs in County Carlow in Ireland.

With their close relationship with Conor McGregor, Irish professional mixed martial artist and former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight and Lightweight Champion, Solar Signs have created a unique, dedicated range of branded merchandise using the compact DTF Printer, launched at Printwear and Promotion last year.

Nigel Treacy of Solar Signs Pressing FAST Shirt
Nigel Treacy of Solar Signs Pressing FAST Shirt

InkTec’s complete DTF Solution range features the 60 cm printer, plus a compact Oven / Shaker that uses vertical rather than horizontal technology to minimise the whole operations footprint. There is also the full colour set of DTF inks and film using high-density inks to deliver a soft touch finish and vibrant colours. The resulting graphic stays flexible on the fabric and does not fade or crack over time (which can happen with other methods). Inktec says it’s solution is ideal for bespoke, tailored branding of promotional materials through to mass production.

Having a complete solution from one supplier was appealing to Solar Signs and is used to create an extensive range of promotional merchandise including hoodies, T-Shirts and more for the McGregor Fast Shop  . This is alongside their other services covering a range of signage, vehicle graphics, garment printing and promotional merchandise.

As Nigel Treacy at Solar Signs says, “After looking at a number of potential DTF options, when we saw the InkTec printer in action it was obvious that it was going to be the right choice for us. It’s style, compact nature, and obviously its production capabilities meant it did not take too long for us to make a decision.”

He continues, “ As a business we offer multiple aspects of promotional merchandise from branded workwear to personalised garments. There has been so much talk about DTF and the difference it can make so it was essential for us to get the right kit for our operation. Particularly as we were supporting such a well-known Irish figure as Conor McGregor with his merchandise shop. We were keen for it to be more of a partnership and really liked that InkTec were about more than just providing the machines and consumables. Instead, with their team of dedicated engineers they have worked closely with us from the initial sale conversation to installation and since to ensure that we are completely comfortable with the kit.”

Sarah Hall, Sales Executive at InkTec says, “This is a super exciting time to be working with DTF. InkTec have been there from the beginning and our reputation, the build quality of the printers, ovens / shaker, alongside the close support our engineers deliver means we seeing more and more businesses turning to InkTec for their preferred DTF solution.”

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