YPS partners with Sabur Digital to resell iEcho digital cutting tables

The relationship means that YPS adds a high-quality and great-value finishing machine to its comprehensive range of large format printing solutions

Dean Sanger, Managing Director of Sabur Digital with YPS Managing Director, Georgia Brown

Your Print Specialists Ltd (YPS) has announced a new partnership with Sabur Digital to resell the iEcho range of digital cutting tables in the UK. The relationship will mean that YPS adds a high-quality and great-value finishing machine to its comprehensive range of large format printing solutions.

Sabur Digital is the UK distributor for the iEcho range of digital flatbed cutting systems. Georgia Brown, Managing Director of YPS, says, “The iEcho machines are built to very high production standards that compare favourably with other machines in the market but at a considerably lower price point. This very much fits our strategy to deliver quality products at great value for our customers.”

Dan Jeffries, Business Development Manager at Sabur Digital, says, “YPS is an ideal company for us to partner with to help increase the exposure of iEcho in the market, as well as promote additional sales. They have a superb reputation for great products, service and value, and we are very happy to be working with them to bring this exciting range of digital cutting tables to the UK market.”

Earlier this year, YPS visited Sabur to see the iEcho in action and the team was hugely impressed, “We were blown away by the quality of the iEcho and also the infrastructure behind,” adds Georgia. “We could see that the technology and build quality were equal to the more recognised market leaders, but with a significantly reduced cost. We could see the massive benefits in terms of quality and price that we could bring to our customers, particularly in the current economic climate.”

There are already more than 50 iEcho machines already installed in the UK. Together, Sabur Digital and YPS will provide full UK onsite warranty, with parts held in stock in the UK. The two companies are developing a close partnership to help both companies raise awareness of the iEcho brand and further increase sales in the UK. Georgia continues, “Roll-fed cutters still have a strong grasp of the digital roll market. However, the use of flatbed printing is rapidly increasing, and this is driving the demand for good and affordable flatbed digital cutting. We are very confident that with iEcho’s build quality and affordability, our customers will certainly see the benefit of investing in this technology alongside their flatbed printers.”

Georgia Brown concludes, “This deal is similar to our adoption of the EWS flatbed applicator table, which we believe to be as good, if not better, than any similar machine on the market. YPS is here for our customers. We are committed to supporting them by identifying and making available technology that is effective, reliable, well supported and great value.”

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