swissQprint Nyala 4 is the latest investment for MacroArt

Leading branded environments specialist MacroArt is continuing its major investment programme with the installation of the award-winning Nyala flatbed printer from swissQprint.

MacroArt with Nyala flatbed printer from swissQprint.

MacroArt engaged in rigorous due diligence in its search for a new printer

MacroArt says the new printer will further enhance its offering to customers, providing increased speed to market without compromising on its reputation for outstanding graphic quality. At the same time, the efficiency of the Nyala supports MacroArt’s ongoing sustainability initiatives and its commitment to net zero.

“The addition of the Nyala allows us not only to continue producing high-quality graphics but to deliver them at a rate which we have never seen before in the business,” explained MacroArt’s Operations Director Mark Rose. “We are excited to see how it helps take MacroArt to the next level in terms of quality and innovation. When you marry all the machine’s qualities with its terrific green credentials, swissQprint’s kit ticked every box for us.”

Equipped with roll-to-roll capability and an impressive six-colour channel, plus white and varnish options, MacroArt’s Nyala offers its clients significant advantages in quality, durability and eye-catching effects. This will enable MacroArt to further expand its capabilities, confirming its position as a leading provider of graphics in the property, events, sports, retail and heritage sectors.

One of the most notable changes with the arrival of the Nyala is MacroArt’s shift from a hybrid to a static flatbed printer. This delivers superior precision, control and the ability to use pre-cut media, with the additional accuracy reducing ink and material waste. Furthermore, the low-energy LED curing and cutting-edge engineering, evidenced by swissQprint’s ISO 20690:2018 certification, keep energy requirements low.

In addition, the efficiency of the new Nyala printer and MacroArt’s additional investment in reorganised workflow will consolidate the company’s printing operation, providing efficiencies to meet growing demand.

These benefits support MacroArt’s five-step Sustainability Strategy process, MACRO: – Measure, Activate, Change, Recycle, and O, representing a commitment and roadmap to net zero. Together with the recent successful implementation of software, such as the new ERP system, and data analysis, which enables the company to track its carbon footprint, the installation of the Nyala will further strengthen MacroArt’s net zero commitments.

swissQprint Nyala 4 is equipped with roll-to-roll capability and an impressive six-colour channel, plus white and varnish options

MacroArt engaged in rigorous due diligence in its search for a new printer, which involved trialling eight different models to ensure it selected the right machine for the business.

swissQprint Sales Manager Pete Smallwood was highly complementary of MacroArt’s approach: “I must commend the MacroArt team on their due diligence. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them to identify a print solution that met the exacting needs of the business, and we very much look forward to seeing the results of their investment.”

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