PPP Nederland accelerates vehicle graphics business with HP Latex 2700W

The large-format digital printing company has been able to expand its fleet livery and transport signage services since adding the HP Latex 2700W to its production portfolio. 

Dutch large-format digital print business PPP Nederland has revealed how its investment in an HP Latex 2700W has allowed the company to significantly expand its fleet livery and transport signage services.

Based in the town of Dronten in the centre of the Netherlands, the company delivers a wide range of services to clients but specialises in producing eye-catching self-adhesives graphics for use on trains, trams, buses, ferries and metro networks across both the public transport and corporate sectors.

A long-term user of HP print technology, PPP Nederland already had in place an HP Latex R1000HP Latex 3500 and an HP Latex 3600 to create colourful applications for customers, but was seeking another machine to further enhance its offering.

Having considered the wide range of options available from HP, the company settled on the HP Latex 2700W, installing the machine in July 2022. PPP Nederland Director Rogier Schrijer said the Gen4 Latex inks and white ink features on the machine particularly appealed to the company, explaining this has helped to streamline production.

“We use these features to produce very complicated house styles that could previously only be done using screen printing,” Rogier said. “We can make over-posting systems with these printers, which fits perfectly within our business. 

“We provide house styles that we print with an anti-graffiti laminate, which adheres well to the print thanks to the Gen4 technology. Once applied to the vehicles, stickers and graphics can then be easily mounted and disassembled without damage.” 

Such has been the impact of the HP Latex 2700W that PPP Nederland has been able to expand its services in the rail segment, with Rogier adding that he expects demand for this type of work to continue to grow.

“We have grown in the rail segment and print house styles on various surfaces creating all kinds of effects for high-end customers that can be provided with anti-graffiti laminates,” Rogier said. “It is such a success that this business continues to grow.

“HP continues to develop its technology, their printers are stable, and we do a lot of unattended overnight runs, so it is a perfect solution for us.”

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