Coolshock brings large-format printing in-house with HP Latex 1500

Coolshock has purchased a new HP Latex 1500 printer to run alongside its existing HP Latex 330 and HP Latex 700 machines.

Installed by Papergraphics, it brings more superwide format print work in-house, allowing the Lichfield based company to significantly speed up production and maximise profit on print projects.

Founded in 2009, Coolshock works with several leading drinks brands, supporting them with brand activation across the retail, travel, exhibitions, and festivals segments. Since 2021, Coolshock had expanded its offering of design and promotion services to customers and can deliver almost all services in house. The company boasts CNC, paint spraying, laser cutting and engraving capabilities. Alongside all this, Coolshock had recently built a new print room, featuring an HP Latex 330 and HP Latex 700, allowing it to produce a wide range of printed applications in house.

Coolshock has purchased a new HP Latex 1500 printer, installed by Papergraphics, to bring more superwide format print work in house

However, even with the two HP Latex machines, Coolshock was still having to outsource superwide format work. This not only placed limitations on how fast it could deliver work to customers, but was also incurring additional costs.

Given the level of demand for its printing services, Coolshock took the decision to invest in a new HP Latex 1500 printer to bring large-format print work in-house. The 3.2m wide machine, which offers print speeds of up to 74 m²/hr, was installed by Papergraphics in March 2024 and has already been used to produce a range of work that was previously being outsourced.

“Our industry is often last minute; having the HP Latex 1500 means we have more flexibility to turn jobs around quickly and check quality at the point of print. This helps us to avoid any issues on site when it is too late,” says Coolshock Managing Director Paul Hulston.

Coolshock works with several leading drinks brands, supporting them with brand activation across retail, travel, exhibitions, and festivals.

Sustainable success

Paul commented that the company was already well versed in HP Latex technology, given its experience of working with its other printers. “Coolshock has been running its HP Latex 330 for a number of years, while the HP Latex 700 was installed last August” he added.

Paul said that the use of HP Latex printers allows Coolshock to meet client demand for sustainably printed work. All HP Latex machines run water-based HP Latex inks, which have much less impact on the environment than their solvent, eco-solvent and UV counterparts.

“I had been looking at a number of superwide format printers,” Paul said. “Given that we and our clients are focused on sustainability, the HP Latex inks allow us to recycle our products much easier. The curing speed also means we can turn print around much quicker than the solvent machines I looked at, and this was important for me.”

Seeking new opportunities

Work currently being run on the new printer includes block-out fabric for exhibitions stands, as well as backlit fabrics for use on stands and at airports. Other applications include printed and cut vinyl for wrapping furniture and wallpaper for branding clients’ offices.

“We aim to be able to carry out test builds in our warehouse next to the new print room so clients can view their exhibitions stands and print prior to installation on site,” Paul said. “If there should then be any amendments, we now have the ability to do this straight away to ensure client satisfaction.”

Given the range of this work, Paul is already looking at how Coolshock can use the machine to extend its reach further, with the company examining several potential markets. “We are hoping we will be able to break into some new markets with the printer and work with like-minded exhibition companies,” Paul said.

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