HP Latex technology hailed by Akompani

Swedish print and design business Akompani has hailed the long-term impact of HP Latex technology following its latest investment. The business purchased a new HP Latex 800W in September 2022 to add to its two existing HP 570 Latex machines which were installed in 2016

Akompani’s owner Rickard Adestam (pictured above) says the company is in an excellent position to build on its success using HP Latex technology to move further ahead of its competitors

Swedish diversified printing company Akompani has spoken out about the impact HP Latex technology has had on its business, with the recent addition of a new HP Latex 800W printer further strengthening its offering.

Founded in 1996, Akompani produces everything from signage and banners to wallcoverings and vehicle graphics, working with customers across a range of industries on all manner of innovative projects and applications.

With such a far-reaching service offering, Akompani recently chose to invest in a new printer to help bolster its production setup, opting for an HP Latex 800W from approved HP partner Antalis. The new machine was installed in September 2022 and has since been busy producing a wide range of printed work.

Akompani went down the route of HP Latex having already experienced the benefits of working with this technology. The company’s first foray into HP Latex came in 2016 when it purchased two HP Latex 570 models to replace its existing eco-solvent printers.

With the addition of the new HP Latex 800W, Akompani’s owner Rickard Adestam said the company is now in an excellent position to build on its previous success of using HP Latex technology to move further ahead of its competitors.

“Purchasing the two HP Latex 570 printers was a no-brainer for us, due to the lower production costs, while it also felt good to be offering our customers a much more sustainable service as HP Latex printers run water-based inks,” Rickard said.

“Now that we also have the HP Latex 800W, this will only strengthen our offering. To put it simply, HP Latex technology helps us stay ahead of the competition both in terms of output quality and our environmental credentials.”

Self-adhesive media and wallpaper are among the applications that are currently being produced on the HP Latex 800W printer, with Rickard having highlighted the latter market as a particular area of growth for the business in recent years.

“We made the move into the graphic interior market a number of years ago,” Rickard said. “We will continue to work with customers to produce more sustainable applications in this and other areas, all with the support of our HP Latex printers.”

Marcus Wollard, Business Manager, HP Large Format Production Sweden, concluded:

“Akompani is a great example of how shrewd investment in industrial technology, such as the HP Latex 800W, can enable growth opportunities for years to come. HP’s printing technology is at the forefront of the sustainability reform within the print industry.

“Businesses investing in HP printing solutions are unlocking their organisation’s wider sustainability credentials and contributing to a greener, more efficient, future.”

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