FESPA UK Launches the Sustainable Waste Academy 


FESPA UK has announced the launch of the ‘Sustainable Waste Academy’ in their ongoing mission to drive environmental awareness through the industry.

Held in the Sustainability Training Room at its HQ in South Yorkshire and starting September 27th, Jon Hutton will deliver these 1-day courses that have been designed to educate companies about all aspects of sustainable waste management.

As the FESPA UK Sustainable Waste Consultant, Jon is uniquely positioned within the UK printing industry to specialise in Waste, Recycling and Sustainability Management. Jon is a recognised figure, an industry speaker, and passionate about the continual improvement of sustainability and the development of a circular economy.

The Printer & Signage course will be the first of a 3-stage programme, which will, over the coming months, expand into educating a wider section of the industry on a range of different areas.

By attending the course, you’ll gain an overview of the key areas in waste management for our industry and gain awareness of the necessary tools to empower these throughout your organisation.

During the session, we will cover a range of important topics, including:

  • The changing landscape and attitudes of print consumer waste
  • Effectively handle your waste management
  • Address greenwashing
  • Understand the Waste and Recycling Industries
  • Establish how contractors handle and process your wastes.
  • See how material choices reflect their end-of-campaign treatment.
  • Engage with your clients on all matters of sustainability.

The training room has been filled with a range of sample materials from suppliers, which will give the delegates the opportunity to discuss the products they work with and understand how and where these materials are treated as waste, as well as how they can best influence and drive sustainability.

The course has been designed to show those businesses who are already on the waste journey, how they can use what they are doing to promote their business to clients and will provide them with the information they need to stand out from the crowd.

Suzi Ward from FESPA UK said “After working with Jon on FESPA UK waste management projects for over 2 years now, while there is a lot of useful information out there for businesses, there is also a lack of clarity and a huge gap in understanding the reality of waste management and what is achievable within Print and Signage. Both Jon and I are passionate about being able to offer businesses the opportunity to grow their knowledge in a way that will empower them to have open and honest conversations with their clients about what can realistically be achieved with their end-of-use products. There is also too much Greenwashing out there and this will give businesses the confidence to challenge what they are being told and ask the right questions, so they know that what they are being told is true. “

Jon Hutton said, ‘’During these engaging courses, I’ll delve into areas such as developing a waste management strategy for today’s graphics consumer markets, the circular economy, the UK’s Waste Industry and Recycling Industry infrastructures and a how-to roadmap for a sustainable waste management Journey. This will enable businesses to identify more suitable materials and help brand their business as sustainable. You’ll be acquiring the tools and understanding to make a positive impact, differentiate projects and meet the expectations of an increasingly conscious world.’’

The courses will be delivered from 10am to 3pm and will include lunch and an opportunity to network and share ideas with other like-minded people and been designed so that they will be relevant to business owners, sales teams and sustainability-focused team members.

Courses can be booked directly with Suzi at suzi.ward@fespauk.com FESPA UK members will receive a discount on the course fee.

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