FESPA UK’s Waste Academy Course achieves CPD Accreditation

The Waste Academy Course has received CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accreditation, following an external verification process.

The CPD accreditation provides professionals with assurance that the educational content they receive meets rigorous standards and is designed to enhance their knowledge and skills effectively. FESPA say that this accreditation underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality educational content, ensuring that professionals working in Print, Signage & Graphics receive the best training available. By obtaining the CPD accreditation for their Waste Academy Course, they say they aim to further elevate the quality and credibility of their educational offerings, thereby empowering individuals and businesses to excel in sustainability practices.

Suzi Ward and Jon Hutton of FESPA UK
Suzi Ward and Jon Hutton of FESPA UK

Jon Hutton, FESPA UK’s Sustainability Consultant said: “We are proud to have our Waste Academy Courses externally verified and CPD accredited,”

“This accreditation reflects our dedication to providing educational content that meets the needs of professionals in the Print & Signage industry. It was important for us to know the content we have written was delivered in the correct manor and was providing those businesses who attended our courses the best content possible.” added Suzi Ward, MD FESPA UK.

The CPD accreditation process involved a thorough review of the content, delivery methods, and learning outcomes of our Waste Academy Course by an external accreditation body. This rigorous evaluation ensures that the courses meet the stringent criteria set by CPD standards, including relevance, quality, and effectiveness.

FESPA UK now offer 7 Sustainability Courses which can be delivered at FESPA UK, Barnsley office, FESPA Ltd’s, Dorking office or delivered Onsite.

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