Digiprint Nettl launches environmentally friendly product range with new HP Latex R1000

The new HP Latex R1000 printer was installed in January 2023 and is running alongside an HP 800W that was purchased in October of last year.

Diversified print service provider Digiprint Nettl has revealed that its new HP Latex R1000 printer has allowed it to launch an environmentally friendly range of products to help satisfy the rising customer demand for sustainable services.

Established in 1987 as a litho and copy shop in Bath and Chippenham, Digiprint Nettl has evolved to become a leading provider of all kinds of print, with two advanced design and digital print studios. In addition, in January of this year, the company launched a new signs, display and exhibition factory to further widen its offering to customers.

As part of this ongoing evolution, Digiprint Nettl has been committed to investing in new technology to support the business as it moves into new markets and takes on more customers. This led to the purchase of the new HP Latex R1000, which was installed in January 2023 to coincide with the launch of the new factory opening.

Running alongside an HP Latex 800W printer, which was installed just a few months earlier in October last year, the HP Latex R1000 has already had a significant impact on the way that Digiprint Nettl operates.

In particular, the environmentally friendly qualities of the printer, specifically its use of water-based HP Latex inks which have a much lower impact on the planet than other ink options, have allowed the company to take yet another step forward by rolling out a new range of products.

“Our most important requirement when investing in the printer was the environmentally friendly Latex technology,” says Ben Gregory, Director of Digiprint Nettl. “Our business became carbon neutral in 2015 and Climate Positive in 2019, and HP Latex was an essential step to help us achieve this goal.

“For us choosing to partner with HP was deliberate and researched extensively. As a result of the new HP Latex R1000 investment, we are going to be launching a fully comprehensive range of PVC-free environmentally friendly sign and display products.”

Ben added that these environmental credentials, along with the high-quality output of the HP Latex R1000 and the company’s new product offerings, means Digiprint Nettl will be able to move into a number of new, exciting and profitable markets.

“Having already offered HP Latex to our customers for roll-to-roll printing, adding the flatbed option with an HP R1000 will deliver new markets instantly,” Ben said. “We have secured contracts with schools, councils, government bodies and larger businesses all due to the increased eco-friendly options available to us now.

“Within a week of installing the HP R1000 we had customers enquiring about new products and services that were previously not achievable. For example, a customer who uses our business for regular print has placed orders for bespoke packaging boxes for large items and has ordered point of sale and pallet wrappers to match.

“Another business was ordering transfers for skateboards from China; after some testing on our HP R1000 we profiled a film and have landed an order of over 5000 skateboard prints.”

Digiprint Nettl is a long-term user of HP technology, having taken on its first HP printer in the 1990s. The company has regularly upgraded its production setup with new machines from HP, with Ben saying that HP devices have played a major role in its growth over the years.

“From HP plan printers and scanners to the first Latex machine in the South West, we have grown year-on-year by adding HP print machines to our business offering,” Ben said.

“Our production team really like the ease of use with HP and the simple to follow guides for maintenance. This enables us to retain the quality of output to meet our customers’ exacting standards.”

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