Sensible Sustainability education that will help your business profit and grow

The Make it Happen Sustainability Boot Camp is an invaluable growth opportunity for sign-makers, printers and everyone else involved in the industry.

Steve Lister brings more than 20 years experience of championing sustainability in retail and signage to the course

I had the pleasure of attending the Sustainability Boot Camp at Imageco’s impressive premises in Leeds. The combination of high-quality course content, an incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, a diverse and interactive group of delegates, and a fantastic location made for an inspiring and valuable day.

The subject of sustainability, particularly within the sign and print industry, has been simmering gently for many years. Now, the heat has been turned up. Steve Lister hosts the session and has been stirring this pot for over 20 years. The opportunity to learn from his wealth of experience is not to be missed.

Make it Happen has developed a course that delves into the practicality and value of sustainability in our industry. It’s not just about understanding the concept but also about how we, as individuals and businesses, can embrace technology and practices that will help us grow and create better relationships with customers and suppliers. This course is about realism and empowerment. It’s also about understanding what’s important and what we can achieve and then going out there and making it happen.


This has been my third Make It Happen Boot Camp, and the most remarkable thing about them is the interaction with the delegates. They come from all sectors of the industry, and they are invariably happy to share their experience and knowledge, which adds to the overall value of the sessions. You also have the opportunity to make important new contacts with suppliers and customers through this shared collaboration.

A diverse group interacted well in the session

We also had the opportunity to see the Imageco production process in action and to talk to founder Nathan Swinson-Bullough. Nathan made a deliberate and positive decision for his company to be more sustainable, and you can see the evidence of how they do this throughout the tour.

This isn’t a course aimed at lecturing you about sustainability. It is truly valuable because it empowers you with the knowledge you can use to offer consultancy, services, and solutions that are sustainable, sensible, and profitable.

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