Antalis’ forest carbon scheme helps printers reduce environmental impact

Long-standing Antalis customer Minuteman Press King’s Lynn has supported the planting of 279 trees since signing up to Antalis’ Forest Carbon scheme.

For Minuteman Press King’s Lynn, finding ways to limit the impact of its business on the environment is an ongoing endeavour, from ensuring the energy efficiency of its buildings to buying exclusively from Antalis in order to make a positive contribution to the reduction of its carbon output.

Antalis’ entire portfolio of products for print, office, visual communications and packaging can be carbon offset through the scheme the company offers in partnership with Forest Carbon, pioneer of carbon-financed woodland creation in the UK. For Minuteman Press King’s Lynn, this means its purchases of Edixion, Claro and Novatech, as well as 80gsm cut size papers, can all be carbon balanced by purchasing credits through the Forest Carbon scheme; plus, because all of its paper supplies come solely from Antalis rather than multiple suppliers, it is able to minimise the carbon impact of its supply chain.

To date, Minuteman Press King’s Lynn has purchased 1,109 carbon credits, which has supported the planting of 279 trees, creating 1,745m2 of woodland area across the UK and resulting in 69,809 KGS of CO2e captured.

At the time of signing up to Antalis’ Forest Carbon scheme, Minuteman Press King’s Lynn had just moved to new, much larger premises and had appointed an external specialist to devise an energy efficiency plan for the building. The aim was to minimise its environmental footprint, which was achieved through switching to LED lighting, installing ground air air heat source pumps and ensuring the building was well insulated. Together, these actions have created a positive narrative to share with the industry and their customers.


The decision to sign up to Antalis’ Forest Carbon scheme was an easy one, as Keith Boyce, owner of the Minuteman Press King’s Lynn franchise, explains:

“It’s a great message to share with our customers. Because the scheme is UK based, with all the trees planted at locations here in the UK, it is something our customers, many of whom are small, local businesses, can relate to. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of our business as much as we can, and the Forest Carbon scheme is a great way to counter the impact of some of our currently unavoidable carbon emissions.”

Sustainability Manager at Antalis, Matthew Botfield, comments:

“In addition to being loyal customers of Antalis, Minuteman Press King’s Lynn are a great example of how businesses can go about reducing their environmental impact while making a hugely important and positive contribution to the UK’s natural landscape; as well as removing CO2 from the atmosphere, the trees planted also support flood mitigation and enhance biodiversity.”

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