Triaprint ® from Antalis gets a green thumbs up

Signage produced on Antalis’ Triaprint ® board has been used to produce outdoor garden signs for a busy garden centre chain.

Triaprint® from Antalis on signage
Triaprint® from Antalis

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Seasons Garden Centres required directional and descriptive signage to be hung and attached to the planting area and benches.

Triaprint® from Antalis on signage
Triaprint® from Antalis

Graham Davey of Artisan Signs, based in Kettering, explains why the choice of materials was so important to the client: “The garden centre required a robust and lightweight product that was weather resistant so it could be hung or attached outdoors. They also wanted a product that was environmentally friendly and recyclable after use; they therefore selected Triaprint as their product of choice.”

Triaprint® is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and recyclable alternative to the use of PVC and PUR foam boards. It is an extruded polypropylene sheet consisting of three layers. The central layer is a cell-structured core with smooth outer layers perfect for digital and screen printing. The cell-structured core gives Triaprint® its characteristics of high rigidity and high compression strength while remaining low in weight.

Paul Neale, Product Manager at Antalis, commented, “Triaprint was the perfect solution for this brief. The key attributes of this 100% polypropylene sheet are its lightweight yet rigid structure, recyclability and, with corona treatment and UV absorbers added, you can be guaranteed excellent printed results for both indoor and outdoor applications.”

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