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In the increasingly competitive market of flatbed digital cutting, Zünd is often held up as the highest standard that others aspire to. We caught up with UK Sales & Marketing Director, Dean Ashworth, to learn more

“We see many competitors comparing their products with ours, and we couldn’t really ask for a better endorsement. 

Our products are the best. Even the competition says so!”

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Zund in the UK

Zünd Systemteknik AG was founded in Switzerland in 1984. They were first distributed in the UK by Wild Plotting Systems in 1993. The company quickly realised the potential of Zund and, within a year, became Zund Plotting Systems, the exclusive distributor of Zund products for the UK and Ireland. In 2017, this was acquired by Zünd Systemteknik AG to become Zund UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary.

Dean adds, “I joined the company not long after this, with a remit to diversify the business into new markets. We were already a leader in graphics, signage and packaging applications, but the flexibility of our systems means there are so many more industries we could serve.”

He continues, “My background was in the retail branding and supply chain management industries, and this broad experience, together with our incredible products, has helped Zünd make the transition into new markets very successful. We are now prevalent in many more industries, including apparel, footwear, motorsport, medical and even aerospace. We cut the products that put rockets into space!”

Zund is a company that loves a challenge, and this has helped with the diversification.

“When it comes to cutting, we know we have the versatility to deliver the best possible solution. We have the products, tools, experience and expertise to work with many industries and deliver the applications they are aiming for.”

Key to Zund’s versatility is the range of associated products that work seamlessly with the flatbed cutters. Tools, robotics and software can be implemented to meet the needs of anyone that needs items cut cleanly, accurately and in high volumes.

The Technology

High levels of build and technology quality are Zund’s hallmark

Zund cutting systems are based on a modular design concept that is unique in the market – flexible and easy to expand. Their digital cutters can be specified and delivered according to individual production requirements, ensuring customers have the right cutting solution for each of their applications. It means that their investment in cutting technology is both powerful and future-proof.

There are four main cutting product ranges. The flagship G3 with 11 cutter sizes is a hugely versatile, modular solution to meet the specific application needs of most customers. The S3 range is a smaller option ideal for sample making, vinyl and film cutting. The D3 is a dual beam system for very high production levels, and the L3 is an ergonomic solution specifically designed for cutting leather.

Alongside the cutters is a comprehensive range of tools, modules and accessories to help increase efficiency and enable an infinite array of applications. There is also a broad range of dedicated software solutions covering all aspects of design and print to ensure workflows are seamless and productivity and profitability are maximised.

All of this is covered by Zund UK’s extensive service, support and engineering team that delivers rapid response throughout the country. “Zund is incredibly focused on service. Every installation is tailor-made to customer requirements, so every relationship starts with comprehensive consultancy to establish specific requirements and to start designing the solution for their investment. Installation and training enable customers to be up and running and earning back that investment as quickly as possible, and our advanced after-sales support structure ensures our customers stay operational. Zund UK has the largest field service engineering team by far across the industry; this enables us to be on sight at a customers’ production facilities extremely quickly when needed, we even offer out of hours solutions depending on customers’ shift patterns”

Why Zund?

With so many cutting providers now in the market, what is it that keeps Zund at the top of the market? “We have a reputation throughout the industry that is second to none,” says Dean. “Swiss engineering is as good as it gets, and this gives customers huge confidence in our systems. The versatility, flexibility, consistency and reliability of our solutions mean we can give customers a tailored plug-and-play system that meets the precise and specific needs of their business, now and for the future.”

He adds, “We stand by our products and brand in every possible way. If a company is talking to us, we can almost always find a way to justify their return on investment, and we will even guarantee a buy-back when they upgrade. No one else is willing to do that, and this gives companies the extra confidence to invest with us.”

Dean concludes,

“Once a company becomes a Zund customer, they are covered for anything and everything they might need for cutting now and in the future. We have all the tools, technology, software and service to keep them running, growing and cutting – and it just keeps getting better!”

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