Zund UK’s new HQ allows demo space for full range of digital cutting solutions.

After the official opening ceremony of Zund UK’s new headquarters last month, I was delighted to receive an invitation to see the impressive new state-of-the-art facility. 

Zund uk oremises
The new home for Zund UK and the Customer Experience Centre

Acuta House in Letchworth Garden City is Zund UK’s new 40,000-square-foot headquarters. I was delighted to be invited by Gaj Jeevanandan, marketing manager for Zund UK, for a tour.

The building looks great inside and out. Modern, sleek architecture and an impressive, professional welcome area, complete with artistic installations, like the Zünd ‘Thinker’. 

Offices are upstairs, while the entire ground floor is given to a showroom large enough for Zünd to present its entire range of digital cutting solutions. There is further space for application displays and meeting areas.

Gaj explains, “One of the main advantages of our new showroom is that we can display the new Q-Line with BHS180, along with the rest of our product offerings. The Q-Line will be on show for the first time at drupa, where we are sure it will generate a lot of interest.”

Zünd technology

Zund cutters
The Customer Experience Centre holds all of the company’s range of cutters

Zünd cutting systems are not only unique in the market but also very adaptable. Their modular design concept allows for easy expansion and customisation, ensuring customers always have the right cutting solution for each application. This means that their investment in cutting technology is powerful and future-proof.

There are four main cutting product ranges. The flagship G3, with 11 cutter sizes, is a hugely versatile, modular solution that meets the specific application needs of most customers. The S3 range is a smaller option that is ideal for sample making, vinyl, and film cutting. The D3 is a dual beam system for very high production levels, and the L3 is an ergonomic solution specifically designed for cutting leather.

Alongside the cutters, there is a comprehensive range of tools, modules, and accessories to help increase efficiency and enable an infinite array of applications. There is also a broad range of dedicated software solutions covering all aspects of design and print to ensure seamless workflows and maximum productivity and profitability.


Zund applications
Zünd technology delivers a host of applications in various industries

Gaj showed me around a group of display areas covered with products demonstrating the breadth and quality of what can be achieved with Zünd machines. “These displays are designed to showcase the incredible work of our customers. For example, on the graphics plinth, you can see reflective graphics for emergency vehicles. These are done using our 3M-approved ultrasonic tool, which cuts and seals to avoid water ingress.”

Also on display here is some of Zünd’s work in various industries, including automotive, high-quality consumer goods and healthcare. One application that catches the eye is a cartridge that allows people to do dialysis at home. Gaj explains, “Zünd really stands out in markets where precision is essential. Our machines work to 0.01mm accuracy, which is unprecedented. Our customers use our products to do incredible and life-changing work, which we are very proud of.”

Integrating additional technology

Zund Thinker
The Zünd Thinker greets you at reception

As we move into the customer experience centre to see the products, it is clear how this market has developed over recent years. In addition to the cutting tables and tools, new enhancements, like cameras, projectors, and robotics, add customisation and practicality to the solutions. “These integrations are available for visitors to see in action in the customer demonstration centre, taking our product demonstrations to a new level,” says Gaj.

For example, the Zünd D3 machine, which is ideal for cutting leather and is often used by leading luxury car manufacturers, now has HD-quality cameras and screens.  When a leather hide is placed on the bed, the cameras can find imperfections in the leather, and the integrated software can tell the machine where and how to cut to maximise usage while avoiding the damaged areas. 

Furthermore, using projection, operators can be shown how to optimally pick pieces from the cutting bed to produce the finished product. “It’s these enhancements that increase the productivity, efficiency and sustainability benefits that can be gained using our cutters,” says Gaj. 

Zünd Swiss Army knife
Versatility and quality in evidence

He adds, “We see ourselves as much more than a hardware supplier; we are now a full solutions provider. Software and integration are critical to us and our customers, and we have partnered with companies like Caldera to help us meet ever-growing and increasingly complex application demands.”

Zund UK’s new facility represents a significant multimillion-pound investment. “The new customer demonstration centre reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence across UK manufacturing industries. It gives us the perfect location to demonstrate our incredible range of products and solutions,” concludes Gaj.

Read more on the opening ceremony here.

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