XSTONE UK installs the JWEI JCUT PRO-2131 digital cutting table from CMYUK

The JWEI JCUT PRO-2131 continues to surpass expectations in terms of the high-performance to cost ratio when compared to existing finishing brands.

John Sulzmann, Director, XSTONE UK with the new JWEI JCUT PRO -2131 digital cutting table from CMYUK
John Sulzmann, Director, XSTONE UK with the new JWEI JCUT PRO-2131 digital cutting table from CMYUK

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“Cutting tables in the industry are a ‘high ticket’ item and therefore cost will almost always be a factor in the decision-making process.  The JWEI range offers unique exceptional value when compared with other manufacturers,” says John Sulzmann, Director, XSTONE UK.

Manufactured in Germany, XSTONE offers a unique range of handmade surface finishes produced from recycled stone waste and available in a convenient roll format. These lightweight, durable, and waterproof materials used for wallcoverings and veneers have become a favoured choice for interiors, shopfitting, and point-of-sale applications.

The company’s latest innovation, Acustone is a highly functional range of acoustic surfaces made from a composite PET polyester with a felt base and XSTONE top layer. Applications include use within the workplace, hospitality, and the residential sector as an effective sound absorber, which is cut and fabricated using a CNC table with a drag knife and oscillating blade.

For XSTONE UK, the need to invest in a suitable cutter for the efficient manufacture of the Acustone acoustic range was an absolute must. “It was vital for us to bring a quality finishing solution in-house for cutting and fabricating. We needed it to be automated to maximise production, reduce human error,  and keeping costs to a minimum,” says John.

As former co-founder and director of Artwork Solutions, a pioneer in the UK for the introduction of branding, graphics, and acoustic solutions for the workplace environment, John has purchased high-end cutting table brands Zund and Kongsberg in the past. When looking for a suitable cutter for his new commercial enterprise, he considered both of these trusted premium brands, but was alerted to the potential of the new JWEI JCUT cutting tables from CMYUK.

“I first became aware of JWEI tables last year and was impressed by the positive and strong feedback they received.  When CMYUK announced the addition of the JWEI brand to its lineup of high-quality digital cutting equipment, this move gave me confidence for two main reasons: the thorough vetting process I trusted CMYUK had conducted, and the reliable support I knew would be available when needed.  Having collaborated with CMYUK many years, I’ve always regarded them as my go-to supplier,” notes John. 

What impressed John was the ambition of the standard spec of all three tables within the range. The JWEI JCUT has a feature set that includes an automatic feeding conveyor, 1800kW liquid cooled router for powerful milling, Auto Tool Changer (ATC), Universal Cutting Tool (UCT), Kiss Cut Tool (KCT), Electric Oscillating Tool (EOT), Crease Wheel Tool (CWT), V-Cut Tool (VCT), and a modularised cutting head that accommodates up to 3 sets of tool combinations simultaneously. The bed is comprised of separate vacuum zones that secure materials and guarantee complete lay flat consistency for all substrates during production.

Speed performance is also formidable,  running up to 1200mm per second, the equivalent of 75m per minute, with a maximum acceleration point of 1G. All tables are solidly engineered for stability, with the 3.2m wide model fitted with a carbon fibre reinforced gantry that ensures stable precision during super-wide intense production cycles. The JCUT series is also controlled by the powerful, easy to use OptiScout Vision controller software for accurate and fast automated cutting, which comes with the table as standard.

However, the double-take moment was the price – starting at £64,995 + vat for the JCUT PRO-1625, £69,995 for the JWEI JCUT PRO-2131, and £89,995 for the 3.2m wide JCUT PRO-3230. All cutting tables come as standard including compressor, delivery, installation, operator and application training,18 months on-site warranty, all tools, and software as mentioned above.

The installation of the JWEI JCUT PRO-2131 took place in January with comprehensive training sessions conducted by CMYUK’s in-house engineers both at its facilities in Shrewsbury and on-site at the XSTONE production premises.

“The training was thorough and went very well. It’s always good to see familiar faces that we’ve worked with in the past, and the great thing about CMYUK is if we ever have any queries or issues, we can just pick up the phone and there is always someone there to help with a high level of technical knowledge. The complete service package offered by CMYUK offers significant peace of mind,” says John.

Recently, XSTONE UK exhibited at the Workplace Design Show in London, utilising the JWEI JCUT PRO-2131 extensively.  The cutting table was used from initial stages to the final construction of a bespoke stand featuring materials such as Xanita engineered fibreboard, aluminium composites, acrylic, and Acustone products.

John concludes, “If you are considering integrating automated digital cutting into your production process, I highly recommend taking a closer look at the JWEI JCUT PRO tables. They stand out as significant players in the market and definitely merit careful consideration. The JCUT is set to play a crucial role in my business,  and we anticipate expanding our capacity with additional units before too long.”

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