WTTB launches pay-as-you-go design services

Their successful graphic design service has been made even more accessible, thanks to the introduction of a new pay-as-you-go option.

WTTB last year launched Artworker+ as an additional offering to its customers, giving them the opportunity to have design services to hand to use when necessary. The initial decision to add Artworker+ was as a result of numerous customers needing a design service which they couldn’t provide themselves so had to outsource it.

Originally set up as a monthly subscription service with a variety of different price tiers, the company has now introduced a new pay-as-you-go option with the subscription option now limited to one tier only.

The new model means that anyone needing a design service can buy a block of time to cover the work that needs doing and then just submit a brief, which is then give to the design team to create.

The work can be tweaked until the customer is happy that the result is exactly what they were looking for.

WTTB has introduced three options, starting with the bronze tier which is £35 for two hours and is suitable for small, urgent print jobs such as business cards or stickers.

Silver tier costs £70 for five hours work, advisable for projects such as T shirt design or infographics.

The gold tier is £110 for ten hours and the right choice for more complex work such as a logo, branding or the creation of a static web landing page.

Anyone still wanting to use the subscription service – suitable if there’s an on-going need for design support – can opt for the platinum tier which is £175 a month – with a minimum one month sign up period – which equates to 20 hours of design support.

Anyone signing up for the first time will get two hours free so they can test the service and see how it works for them.

Louise Stephenson, Managing Director of WTTB, believes the new flexible approach will be welcomed by customers.

“We first introduced Artworker+ so that our resellers didn’t need to go somewhere else to get their design and then come to us for print,” she said. “That not only meant a much smoother process from design to finished product but we were also able to offer these services at a really competitive price. It’s an extremely flexible approach and it allows our customers to buy the service that really suits their needs best.”

Details of Artworker+ are available at https://artworkerplus.wttb.co.uk/ with information on how it can help at business at

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