WTTB launches a tasty new partnership with Tony’s Chocolonely

Companies looking for a tasty, personalised promotional giveaway as a reward, incentive or just to raise brand awareness can get their teeth into a new offering from WTTB. 

WTTB has joined forces with ethical chocolate producer, Tony’s Chocolonely, to offer customers an exciting range of top chocolate bars with the added bonus of being able to customise the wrappers.

And that includes a special bespoke sleeve that will fit over the company’s advent calendar, for anyone who wants to create a high end, personalised gift.

The new products from Tony’s are the latest addition to WTTB’s fast-growing promotional merchandise range and will be available in a range of exciting flavours, covering everything from  milk chocolate salted caramel to dark milk chocolate pretzel toffee.

Tony’s Chocolonely has built its reputation not only on creating high quality, delicious chocolate but also by being Fairtrade and ensuring that its products are ethically sourced.

Millions of farmers in West Africa live in poverty and have no choice but to use child labour to farm their cocoa as they are not paid enough for their crop from the major chocolate producers. This is what Tony’s Chocolonely exists to change.

It ensures that all of its cocoa is sustainably and ethically sourced and it is part of the company’s mission to support farmers and make its actions the norm in chocolate making.

For WTTB, a high-quality chocolate bar which can be personalised and has impeccable credentials is a great addition to the company’s range of merchandise.

“We are constantly adding to our offering of personalised gifts which are perfect to celebrate a special occasion, as a staff reward or for a company which really wants to make an impact,” said Louise Stephenson, Managing Director of WTTB.

“These bars are a really cost effective way of creating brand awareness, allowing individuals and companies to create their own wrapper which will be a great talking point.

“As well as being delicious chocolate, Tony’s Chocolonely has so much to recommend it and it will a great addition to our existing range of merchandise.”

For further information visit https://www.wherethetradebuys.co.uk/products/promotional-print/personalised-chocolate-bars

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