Wrap Cast – A new fun and informative Podcast for the sign and wrap community

There’s a new way to spend time in the workshop or in the car with a few laughs and some informative insight. Check out Wrap Cast, a fantastic new Podcast for sign-makers and vehicle graphics wrappers.

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The hosts, Chris Edwards and Jordan Kemp, are both experienced wrappers themselves, and they have chosen guests from all areas of the wrapping and sign-making industry to join them in informal chats that are easy to listen to, fun and informative.

Chris Edwards is a Director of CVI Group and CVP Limited, and his co-host, Jordan Kemp, also works in the graphics application side of the industry.  CVI Group is primarily a vehicle wrapping company but also delivers industry training at various skill levels. It was founded in 2014 under a different name before a rebrand, and the company has spent many years within the subcontracting side of the industry and has also built a network of its own customers. 

CVP Limited is a new company that supplies the vehicle wrapping industry with various products and bespoke tools, some of which are still being worked on behind closed doors. Both companies fall under the Creative Visual branding.

Chris explains how Wrap Cast was born, “Jordan came to me with an idea to launch a new podcast for the industry. Given that there are currently no vehicle wrapping/graphics-related podcasts worldwide on Spotify, I couldn’t say no to such a great opportunity. After a few discussions, I came up with Wrap Cast. Wrapping, cast material, and podcast. What else could we really call it?”

He continues, “We believe the main benefit of this podcast for our industry is that our guests become humanised. We offer zero editing for a reason. We want it to be raw, fun, laid-back, and, most of all, just a free chat about the industry. Of course, there are educational benefits and interactions from the listeners to learn, ask questions, and generally get involved.”

Chris Edwards, Director of CVI Group and CVP Limited and co-host of Wrap Cast

“As the world becomes more digital, we see that you must move with the times, or you will be left behind. A podcast gives you the digital ability to talk to hundreds, if not thousands, of people simultaneously. How many times have we been sitting driving along listening to the radio, adverts, etc., feeling bored, uninterested, and unengaged? Given the number of hours some people must travel in our industry, why not give them something interesting, funny, and educational to listen to?”

Chris invites anyone who would like to be a guest to contact wrapcast@cvig.co.uk to register their interest. They are also looking for advertisers or sponsors who can see the huge benefits of being involved with the Podcast.

The Podcast has already received some great feedback from listeners and guests. Iris and Nathan and Not Just Graphics said, “We love listing to The Wrap Cast! It’s great to hear other people’s perspectives on the industry, so many of the topics are very relatable. Hearing that other people have experienced some of the same challenges we have can actually be quite comforting. Nobody is perfect, and at the end of the day, making mistakes is how we learn and grow. I think it’s a great step towards developing more open communication within the industry and promoting collaboration. It is very light-hearted, easy listening. Perfect to stick on when prepping and weeding graphics!”

Reece Stanfield from ReeceWraps said, “I just want to say how well the podcast is coming along. It’s great to listen to your show on the way home and gain some useful information in our field of work. I think it will have a great impact in bringing people in the sign and wrap industry together to share ideas and tips about the trade and also learn about the backstories and know more about each individual. There’s some great content already, and you’re only a few episodes in!  Keep up the great work, guys.”

“The feedback so far has been great and is really encouraging. The more followers and interaction we get, the more we can tailor it and build it for the listeners. All we ask is for shares, follows, and feedback to help us move this in the right direction,” he concludes.

There have already been lots of fantastic guests, and there are many more in the pipeline. Follow the link here to tune in and please share your thoughts with the team and also on the Eye on Display social media channels. https://open.spotify.com/show/6gX6E8bNNks7T6l13G8Drl?si=3f73d7bbf5d945ea

Website www.cvi-group.co.uk, which includes all the social links for Wrap Cast.

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