WPCF announces new president

The World Print and Communication Forum has announced the appointment of Mr. Byung-Soon Kim as its new President.

Mr. Byung-Soon Kim, President of the WPCF

Mr. Kim, an experienced professional in the graphical sector, brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to his new role.

Byung-Soon Kim has been involved in the printing industry since 1983. In 1994, he founded the printing company Sangil E&P, which he continues to operate today. Under his leadership, Sangil E&P has seen continuous growth and has become a significant player in the Korean printing industry.

Since 2023, Byung-Soon Kim has served as the chairman of the Korean Printers Association and the Korean Printing Foundation, making significant contributions to the development of printing culture. He has played a key role in numerous projects and events, advancing the printing industry.

As the hosting chair of the large-scale WPCF event held in Korea in 2016, Mr. Kim significantly promoted cooperation and communication within the global printing industry. As a long-standing Board Member of WPCF Mr Kim’s dedication has enabled members of the World Print & Communication Forum to work together more actively and to contribute to the development of the international printing industry. As President of WPCF, Byung-Soon Kim’s leadership will play a crucial role in the development and innovation of the global printing industry.

The WPCF extends heartfelt appreciation to the outgoing President, Mr. Raveendra Joshi, for his ideas and contributions to the organization during his tenure.

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