Woodlodge creates exhibition stand with HP Latex R2000

Woodlodge recently used its HP Latex R2000 printer to produce exhibition stand graphics for the leading garden and outdoor living trade show Glee 2022.

Family-owned garden pottery supplier Woodlodge Products used its HP Latex R2000 Printer to produce an impressive and sustainable exhibition stand for its recent appearance at a major industry trade show.

Based in Tetbury in the heart of the Cotswolds, Woodlodge is a regular attendee at Glee, the UK’s leading garden and outdoor living trade show. As the event attracts thousands of visitors from all corners of the industry, Woodlodge sought to produce a booth that would not only stand out in the busy hall but also pay homage to the planet-friendly nature of the show.

For this reason, Woodlodge chose to use its HP Latex R2000 printer to produce all the graphics on the stand prior to the event, which took place at the end of June 2022. Like all HP Latex printers, the HP Latex R2000 runs with water-based HP Latex inks, which offer an eco-friendlier option to users when compared with other ink technologies.

The HP Latex R2000 was deployed to print graphics onto Xanita Fibreboard, purchased from Antalis, which is an engineered fibreboard made from recycled used cardboard boxes. Combined with the water-based HP Latex inks, Woodlodge was able to deliver on its sustainable pledge while at the same time creating an eye-catching stand that drew plenty of attention throughout the event.

“This year we had our largest stand ever with a footprint of just over 1,300sq m, spanning the width of the NEC hall,” Woodlodge’s Graphic & Print Production Manager Steve Partington said. “With such a large space, we needed to ensure that the stand flowed and that our current and potential customers realised that they were still on the Woodlodge stand as they explored our products.

“As such, we needed to ensure that we produced an impactful stand with a view to minimising cost, but also ensuring a strong brand message was communicated. Over 1800sq m of print and cut materials were produced for this event. The speed with which we produced the stand was amazing; we were certainly up against a tight deadline!”

Woodlodge has been running its HP Latex R2000 printer for more than two years now and has used the machine on a wide range of projects. Steve explained that Woodlodge’s own in-house graphic and print department gives the business a significant advantage over its competition.

“We are busy throughout the year producing POS in a wide range of formats and materials for existing ranges and customers, developing new ideas and being able to sample them whilst also being able to supply our customers with print for other areas of their stores too,” Steve said.

“On another recent project, we used the HP Latex R2000 for a new retail stand for our range of Ecomade planters, a selection of recycled pots made in the UK using reclaimed ocean plastic or wood chip. Again, the eco ink and the recyclable polypropylene used is another positive aspect of its production.”

Woodlodge has been very impressed with the productivity of the HP Latex R2000. Steve Partington summarises: “Simply put, the HP Latex R2000 delivers speed and quality that’s above and beyond expectations.”

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