William Smith Launches LX Hausys BENIF

The LX Hausys BENIF range of architectural film is ideal for both residential and commercial refurbishment projects.

William Smith Group 1832 has announced its latest expansion with the launch of LX Hausys BENIF.

The LX Hausys BENIF range is a budget-friendly solution for updating interiors. Dramatic makeovers can be easily achieved without any need to break the bank. Ideal for both residential and commercial refurbishment projects.

The range includes 475 unique patterns with a wide array of colours, textures, and finishes to choose from. At launch, William Smith Group will hold the largest stock of LX Hausys BENIF in the UK with nearly 200 of the most popular patterns already available for next-day delivery.

Finishes include Solid Colours, Metal, Marble & Stone, Leather & Fabric, as well as a variety of the most desirable Wood Grains. The range also includes a few finishes worth paying closer attention to. William Smith will also be stocking both the new Big Wood and Big Marble patterns, featuring larger repeats, ideal for those large-scale commercial projects covering surfaces such as walls or wide panels. The Embossed Premium Wood Range also offers a unique option for those seeking a more realistic finish, with a textured wood grain that accurately matches and mimics the pattern.

Transform surfaces and walls

With LX Hausys BENIF, you can easily transform surfaces such as walls, doors, furniture, and fittings, with minimal disruption and reduced environmental impact than alternative options such as ripping out and replacing.

The range is suitable for application to flat and curved surfaces and is durable for up to 10 years. The films also feature an air-release liner, making application easy and bubble-free.

Lindsay Appleton, Architextural Marketing Manager, said, “We’re so pleased to finally announce the launch of LX Hausys BENIF. We’ve made some significant additions to our product portfolio over the last year and BENIF is just the latest example of our commitment to further development in the UK market.”

Lindsay continues, “As the leading supplier of architectural film, we always strive to offer reliable, premium products for our customers. At launch, we will have the largest stock of BENIF in the UK, with nearly 200 finishes available for next-day delivery. We know that our customers, and perhaps more importantly, their customers, will absolutely love this new range.”

LX Hausys BENIF is available to order now. Contact our sales office on 01833 690305, or e-mail info@architextural.co.uk to find out more.


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