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FaberExposize is the new trading name of Northern Flags Ltd. This name reflects the transition from a fabric reseller to one of the leading UK-wide format printers. They are majority-owned by the local management but also part of the FaberExposize partnership, Europe’s largest POS and event print group. They have factories across the globe in Holland, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, and Thailand giving them a unique post-Brexit proposition.

They offer a comprehensive wide-format print solution with dye-sublimation and UV on both RTR and rigid materials. With a major emphasis on green materials and a wide range of indoor and outdoor print solutions, they specialise in fabric printing with over 80 wide format printers across the Faber group. Core industries include Exhibitions, Retail, Events, Sports, Construction, Hospitality, Automotive, City Dressing, and Education.

Faber Exposize thinks their biggest difference is their People and the way they encourage and develop them. This means that when customers deal with them, they feel the difference. They encourage young people to enter print and coach and support them, with four of the younger staff identified as Rising Stars by The Printing Charity; two are lead participants in FESPA’s ‘Next Generation Committee’, and they operate a Momentum Mentoring programme for their stars of the future.

They have won numerous awards and nominations for their move to a more sustainable future. This year they have evolved further with their return to base recycling initiative, onboarding of new substrates plus carbon auditing and the start of the ISO14001 process.

They have been recognised at many awards by their peers as well as by fabric manufacturers who ask them to print their fabrics for trade shows as they know they make them come to life! Their ability to profile and colour match in-house means they also are Agfa’s European development partner for dye-sublimation.

Hollywood Monster

Hollywood Monster are a leading provider in the wide format print industry with a track record of excellence in various key areas. They have an impressive client retention rate, with top-tier clients like McDonald’s and Morgan Sindall Group staying with them for over 20 years. This showcases the trust and confidence clients have in their consistent delivery of exceptional results.

The company prioritises efficiency and provides exceptional customer service throughout the print process. They have a rapid response system with a 4-hour quote, 7 days a week, ensuring timely and personalised attention to client inquiries. Each account is assigned a dedicated team, including an Account Director, Account Manager, and Artworker, to cater to specific client needs.

Hollywood Monster invests in the latest technology and next-generation inks to stay at the forefront of the industry. Their recent investment in a 5m wide cutting machine, the largest of its kind in the world, reflects their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and superior print quality.

The company have made significant strides in reducing their environmental impact by integrating sustainable materials into their product offerings. They have developed the Kavalan range of non-PVC materials, contributing to environmental preservation. Notably, McDonald’s reduced carbon emissions by 132.3 tonnes by switching to Hollywood Monster’s recyclable Kavalan range. The company is absorbing the 20% cost increase associated with sustainable materials, offering them at the same cost as non-sustainable alternatives. A national press campaign in 2023 aimed to encourage various industries to use sustainable signage and promote environmental responsibility.

With over 30 years of experience, Hollywood Monster are a trusted industry leader. Their long-standing presence and relationships in the market showcase their commitment to excellence, reliability, and professionalism.


Macroart, established in 1992, are a pioneer in large format printing in the UK. They provide comprehensive branding and marketing solutions to meet their clients’ needs, delivering large printed media elements to bring visions to life.

Their approach is characterised by creativity, passion, excellence, and care. Regardless of project scale, deadline, or complexity, Macroart is committed to professionalism, ensuring high-quality, impactful results and offering a bespoke service from project inception to completion.

Macroart excels in handling complex projects, thriving on a tailored and collaborative approach, leveraging their broad expertise. With a 44,000 sq ft production hub, they produce a wide range of branding and signage solutions, combining leading printing technology with extensive capabilities to support diverse client requirements. Quality is paramount, and they focus on colour accuracy through principles like ‘Profile, Performance, and Perception.’

Sustainability is a core value at Macroart, as they’ve set a roadmap to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, focusing on measuring, activating, changing, recycling, and optimizing their processes. They’ve steadily reduced their CO²e per m² since 2019 and are on track to reduce their carbon footprint by 50 per cent by 2030. They’ve also invested in software to streamline artwork processing and minimize waste.

Macroart is committed to learning and development, investing in training for their existing team and recruiting apprentices from local schools and colleges. Their apprenticeship scheme offers a wide range of options to cultivate fresh talent and ideas within the print industry.

Their Continuous Improvement Programme ensures staff suggestions are considered every six months to enhance working practices and the work environment. Macroart also supports their local community through various fundraising efforts.

In summary, Macroart’s dedication to client satisfaction, sustainability, technological innovation, talent development, and community support makes them a prominent player in the wide format printing industry. Their commitment to excellence and professionalism sets them apart in delivering outstanding results for their clients.


Signbox is a leading full-service sign design and manufacturing company in the UK with over 38 years of experience. They are known for their innovative signage products and services, catering to various sectors, including education, hospitality, residential, commercial workplaces, and more.

Core products are architectural 3D fabricated signs, internal and external wayfinding, environmental branding and graphics, brand engagement interventions, manifestation graphics, external totems, digital signage, and statutory and fire escape signs.

Their USP is that they are not just a sign and print company; they are pioneers in using the latest technology and sustainable materials to create visually stunning, eco-friendly signs. They prioritise innovation, sustainability, and superior craftsmanship. Signbox leverages cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly materials to bring clients’ creative visions to life.

Signbox emphasises durability and reliability in their products, ensuring they are built to last. They offer comprehensive services, including design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance. Exceptional customer experience is a priority, with a focus on attentive service, key account management, transparent communication, and ongoing support.

Signbox’s culture is driven by clear values, including putting people first, respect and kindness, honesty, transparency, fairness, diversity, inclusion, continuous improvement, simplicity, and a can-do attitude. They believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance and prioritising family. Signbox values efficient processes, clear ideas, and deliberate decision-making.

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