Welcome to Eye on Display

We are now live on eyeondisplay.co.uk and all across social media. We are an online magazine covering news, reviews, reports and features from the colourful world of large format printing. We aim to be a source of interesting and valuable information for printers, signmakers, designers and anyone else involved with digital printing and display technology.

Eye on Display’s editor, Jack Gocher, says, “Large format printing has grown over the last 30 years to become a huge and vibrant industry. One of the joys of LFP is that it has (and wants) nowhere to hide! Everything it produces is designed to be seen, and more specifically, make an impact.”

“I think the time is right for a new eye on the market that looks a bit deeper into to the people, products and paraphernalia that make this such a great industry to work in. Through news reports, videos and lively interviews we  aim to provide a welcome window to LFP for everyone with an interest.”

Eye on Display has also launched a YouTube channel and pages on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

“We welcome interaction from the industry and encourage everyone involved to get in touch and let us know their stories.  We particularly want to hear about achievements – great projects, innovative designs, exciting new initiatives and most importantly, the views of the people that make this such a great industry to be a part of.”

To get involved with Eye on Display, please email jack@eyeondisplay.co.uk

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