Very Displays launches new Modular Display Solutions 

Very Displays has launched a series of portable Modular Display Solutions designed for exhibitions and events. These solutions provide versatile and cost-effective options for creating high-impact marketing solutions.

Modular Premium PVC Lightboxessee how to video here

“Regardless of our customers’ branding aims, motivations, or budget, our Modular Display options can transform spaces into powerful promotional experiences that leave a lasting impact,” said Kirsty Corcoran, Marketing Manager for Very Displays. These solutions are essential for printers looking to satisfy a broad range of needs for their customers.”

The Very Displays’ Modular Solutions are fully configurable and can be used and reused across various spaces and events. The key benefits include interchangeable hardware, easy transportation, quick assembly, budget-friendliness, and high impact as portable displays. 

The Modular Display Solutions are offered in two main categories: Modular Fabric Tube Walls and Modular Premium PVC Lightboxes.

The Modular Fabric Tube Walls offer a range of portable options for event stands, featuring Stretch Fabric Walls and exclusive accessories to customise size and shape according to customers’ preferences. With options for both space-only configurations and shell scheme options, these walls cater to various exhibition booth setups.

Modular Fabric Tube Walls – what the how to video here

To set up the Modular Fabric Tube Walls, customers will need two or more Fabric Walls, available in sizes ranging from 1m to 6m wide, along with required feet depending on available space and simple, clear connectors for each join.

The Modular Premium PVC Lightboxes provide a modern display solution with backlit graphics. Similar to the Fabric Tube Walls, the Lightbox modular solutions offer flexibility in configuration while delivering a different visual effect.

To assemble the Modular Premium PVC Lightboxes, customers only need to select their desired size of standalone lightbox, available in sizes ranging from 85cm to 3m, along with a variety of feet and connectors to hold the display in place.

Kirsty concludes, “With these innovative Modular Display Solutions, Very Displays aims to empower businesses to create impactful marketing displays that effectively engage audiences while remaining cost-effective and versatile. Our focus is always on delivering great value, high-quality products that meet the ever-growing demands of our customers.”

For those interested in exploring these new Modular solutions, Very Displays provides examples and further information on their website.

For more information or inquiries about the Modular Display Solutions, interested parties can contact Very Displays at or call 0116 232 3156.

See the Very Displays business listing on Eye on Display here.

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