Trotec Laser introduces large format laser cutter at UK headquarters

Trotec SP3000 400 watt large format laser cutter

Trotec, a global leader in laser cutting technology, is thrilled to announce the latest addition of the SP3000 400 watt large format laser cutter to its flagship demonstration centre in North East England. This strategic move aims to serve the growing demand for large format laser cutting solutions in the region and surrounding areas.

To celebrate the new addition, Trotec will host an exclusive Open Event at its Tyne & Wear headquarters on 3rd to 5th October 2023. Businesses currently using large format CNC or outdated laser cutting equipment are invited to put the industrial-grade 2210 x 3210 mm SP3000 through its paces and find out how it could improve workflow, product quality or save on production costs.   

“We are excited to invest in bringing the SP3000 400 watt large format laser cutter to our flagship showroom,” stated Baljit Dhillon, Managing Director of Trotec Laser UK & Ireland. “Many of our valued customers with large format requirements are based in the north of England. With this addition, we aim to open our doors to more businesses, showcasing how our largest laser cutter can seamlessly support their ambitious business goals.”

The SP3000 laser cutter is an innovation in precision and efficiency. Its 400 watt power and smart OptiMotion™ path control empowers businesses to transform a diverse range of materials with optimal accuracy and speed. The machine’s large 2210 mm x 3210 mm working area accommodates a wide array of applications, from large displays and signage made from wood or acrylic to architectural models, prototypes for manufacturing and textiles, foils and films for the automotive and medical sectors, to name a few.

The SP3000 laser cutter is an innovation in precision and efficiency

Trotec Laser’s Guildford showroom, located in Surrey, also houses the SP3000 400 watt laser cutter system. This reinforces the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions and demonstrations across the UK.

The SP3000’s benefits include:

  • Exceptional Precision: Achieve intricate detailing and high-resolution engravings.
  • High-Speed Output: Get more done in less time with its rapid processing capabilities.
  • Versatile Material Compatibility: Cut and engrave diverse materials with ease.
  • Large Format Flexibility: Accommodate substantial materials for larger projects.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls for seamless operation.

Businesses across various sectors, such as manufacturing, architecture, signage, and design, find value in the SP3000’s capabilities. Its versatility and precision make it a go-to tool for bringing innovative ideas to life as well as performing vital production steps during the manufacturing process.

Trotec Laser invites businesses interested in witnessing the capabilities of the SP3000 400 watt large format laser cutter to schedule a no-obligation demonstration. To arrange a demonstration and explore the endless possibilities of laser cutting, please visit or call +44 (0) 191 580 1182.

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