Top Tips for updating your CV

Matt Hanley from M-TWO Recruitment offers some Top Tips for updating your CV and making it work for you.

Ok, so I read a lot, and I mean a lot, of CV’s. Honestly, most of them are monotone and very, very samey. Your CV should reflect you. Let it have personality.

Here are my Top Tips for updating your CV.

CV or Resume at the top – Not needed, everyone knows what it is… Swap this for your name, location and chosen method of contact (email/phone).

Career objectives – Too generic, wishy-washy and just a little bit meh… Instead, write a proper punchy intro of your career so far, transferable skills and why you’re open to a new opportunity.

Company and Experience. Nobody wants chapter and verse. People spend on average 45 seconds scanning a CV before deciding what action to take.

People are looking for What your role was, what you did and how well you did it. You need to hook people in, want them to quiz and ask for more information. Make it punchy.

Position – Managing Director

Company – MTWO Search (include a link to the website –

Dates – July 2021 – Present

Intro – MTWO is a niche recruitment business operating exclusively within the Print, Packaging & Signage sector. Here, I am the Managing Director and responsible for and achieved the below:









Repeat for each role.

Summary of Education. – Nobody needs to know you got an E in Geography in 1994. Again, keep it punchy. Name the school, college, Uni and the areas studied and rough grades. Eg. 10 GCSE’s or a 2:1 in Business Management.

About you – Tell us a little about you, your family life, outside of work, hobbies, volunteering etc. This is where you break the ice.

Reference available on request – This does nothing for you! Swap it out for your favourite LinkedIn testimonials.

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