TheMagicTouch brings “Liberty” to sublimation users

Under the DyeSub Magic brand, Dunstable-based TheMagicTouch has announced the availability of new and innovative transfer media for all sublimation ink users.

TheMagicTouch owner, Jim Nicol, explains, “Historically, the sublimation transfer process has been restricted to applications onto garments and promotional items that required a high polyester content or special polyester coating, which had to be either white or pastel in colour. With the launch of Liberty SubliPrint, this has now changed.”

The newly developed Liberty SubliPrint printable sublimation transfer media enables vibrant full-colour imaging onto a host of garments and fabrics, including all types of cotton, mixed fibres and nylon, regardless of colour. All products are certified to Oekotex Standard 100 Class 1. The transfer media is eco-friendly, water-based, solvent and PVC-free, and vegan-friendly.

This unique one-step printable media is available in both A4 and A3 format and can be printed directly to substrate using a traditional sublimation printer. The thin-coated product offers a soft touch with good stretch properties. The printed media can be manually trimmed or profile cut using a plotter/cutter with an optical eye function for precise and complex designs, with no mirror image required. Designs involving free-form text can be applied easily using traditional application tape if needed. 

Jim concludes, “Here at TheMagicTouch, we always look for the most modern and practical solutions for creating personalised products and garments. Liberty SubliPrint frees our dye-sublimation print system customers from a significant restriction by allowing them to decorate products made of all types of cotton, mixed fibres, polyester and even nylon, regardless of colour. The new solution will help to maximise the value of our customers’ set-up and help them to increase the range of applications and services they can offer to their customers.

Liberty SubliPrint is Available now from TheMagicTouch in both A4 & A3 format with 50 sheets per pack.

For samples and further information, contact or call 01582 671444.

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