Sustainability mission: Faberexposize UK implements fully circular waste model

“Action Now”, the sustainability mission, has been put at the forefront by Faberexposize UK to transform the way they do business.

Action Now: Iain Clasper, Faberexposize UK Managing Director
Iain Clasper, Faberexposize UK Managing Director on their sustainability mission

Driven by the urge to make a difference in the wide format print industry, FaberExposize UK’s mission is to completely transform the way they run the business, by having sustainability lead the way in how they operate and the products they print and manufacture.

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With sustainability being at the forefront of the business, their Action Now initiative was born and quickly transitioned into a cultural umbrella for the business and a call to action for clients.

The environmentally conscious nature of the market encouraged them to come together and share collective learnings since the launch of Action Now. This meant that they were able to identify and understand the benefits of using eco-friendly products and substrates as well as the challenges that come with it.

These discussions formed the idea for them to use fully circular substrates, working with both the substrate supplier and their waste management partners.

To achieve their sustainability goals, FaberExposize UK have forged partnerships with reputable suppliers who share the same commitment to environmental stewardship. By working closely with suppliers, they are not only promoting sustainable practices within the industry, but also encouraging the adoption of responsible sourcing throughout the supply chain. This strategic decision benefits their clients as well as consumers who prefer products and services that align with their values. By offering fully sustainable substrates, it enables their clients to meet the rising demand for environmentally friendly solutions, enhancing their brand image and marketability.

They have also implemented ‘Supplier Days’ where the supplier is invited to visit the site and educate the employees on the range of eco-friendly substrates available and enable employees to speak more confidently about the ranges on offer to their customers.

To drive their sustainability mission further they have partnered with multiple waste management experts to be sure they are following the best route for each substrate and enhance their recycling initiatives. By implementing rigorous waste sorting and recycling programs, they can ensure materials are disposed of responsibly, diverting them from landfills and encouraging the circular economy model. As part of the chain, waste transfer notes are supplied informing them of the wastes journey, which will ultimately end at the reprocessing plant.

To make the process easier for their specialist waste partners to handle and recycle their materials, they also take a proactive stance by implementing a meticulous pre-sorting and baling process and employ a dedicated team to categorise and bundle waste materials at their site. This initiative not only enhances efficiency but also underscores their commitment to reducing the burden on their waste management partners.

Action Now: Committed to exploring and adopting cutting-edge technologies and materials

Another one of their green initiatives involves collaborating closely with their suppliers to implement a closed-loop system. By working together with these partners, they ensure that the same lorries delivering their materials also transport their waste back for proper disposal or recycling. This strategic approach not only streamlines logistics but also significantly reduces the carbon cost associated with waste transportation. Understanding the diverse needs and sustainability initiatives of their clients, they also go the extra mile by offering a “return to base” option for those who may not have established a robust waste strategy.

With their return to base offering, clients can easily send back used materials back to them for proper disposal, recycling, or repurposing. This initiative not only provides a hassle-free solution for clients with less developed waste strategies but also reinforces their commitment to their sustainability mission.

As a wide format printing company, FaberExposize’s journey toward sustainability is a continuous one. Committed to exploring and adopting cutting-edge technologies and materials that further reduce ecological impact. Aiming to inspire positive change within the industry and other Print Service Providers to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future.

Managing Director Iain Clasper-Cotte said about their sustainability initiatives, “Finding fully sustainable substrates is not just a trend; it’s an important step towards a more environmentally conscious future. We are proud to contribute to a circular economy and demonstrate that responsible business practices can be seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our print production process. By collaborating with sustainable substrate suppliers and waste management partners, ensuring we are at the forefront of this transformative journey, offering clients the opportunity to make a positive impact with every print project.”

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