Spandex Introduces Zeno – A New Standard in Interactive Car Wrap Design

Zeno will be exclusively distributed by Spandex across Europe and Australia.

Spandex, one of the world’s leading suppliers to the visual communications industry has introduced Zeno, a virtual 3D car wrap visualisation platform.

Zeno is a subscription-based software tool that helps vehicle wrap professionals create and visualize high quality, realistic full or partial wraps quickly, eliminating the need for complicated graphic design software. The tool is simple and easy to use and does not require design or technical experience. Users simply choose the car model, material and colours, and the software instantly generates a 3D prototype that can be viewed from multiple angles. It can then be put into 6 different simulated environments to test how shadows, glimmers, and reflections appear on the material.

Car wrappers have access to all of Spandex’s car wrap brands including Avery Dennison, 3M, Orafol and Arlon, with a full range of wrap colours as well as over 500 vehicle models, including commercial vehicles. In addition, Zeno includes a Customer Design Studio where users can upload their own images allowing extra customisation for digital print and fleet projects. There are also 1000+ decals available to produce more unique designs. There are virtually endless possibilities in what wrap professionals could create.

When discussing with a car owner, installers can show an instant image of what the vehicle will look like, making it much quicker and easier for both parties to discuss ideas and make decisions. There is a simple point-and-click setup that lets you easily choose and apply the chosen material.

Once the design has been created, it will show a list of all the materials needed, allowing wrappers to easily click through to the Spandex website to order. Wrap installers can also download the design as an interactive 360° render to share with prospects, display at exhibitions or upload on their website and social media. In this way, Zeno fully streamlines the selling process by decreasing the time it takes to finalise a design and start wrapping.

Leon Watson, Chief Go-to-Market Officer at Spandex, expressed his enthusiasm for Zeno’s launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce Zeno to our customers. This revolutionary platform embodies our commitment to driving innovation, helping wrap businesses free up more time for projects, generate more revenue and offer a premium service. It’s a game changer.”

Zeno is available, exclusively from Spandex, as a yearly subscription at the price of £490. It can be purchased directly from the Spandex website. Further information and product demonstrations can be found on Zeno’s landing page.

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