Simon Wheeler joins board of FESPA UK

Simon Wheeler has joined the board of FESPA UK

FESPA UK are delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Wheeler to its board. 

Simon has an impressively long career in a range of industries, including 25 at Stylo Graphics. In an interview with FESPA UK, he said:

“After starting my career in 1986 at a professional photographic lab, I’ve witnessed the shift from traditional film processes to digital technology. Who here remembers the nostalgic days of using bleach-etching? I’ve had the opportunity to work in various small and medium-sized companies, gaining experience in different areas such as accounting and even plumbing. Yes, plumbing! After all, if the toilets don’t work, it can bring your business to an unpleasant halt.

I joined Stylo almost 25 years ago, Being part of the company’s growth and understanding the challenges it brings has been an incredible learning experience in senior management. I’ve previously managed large teams and faced the learning curves of human resources. However, I had never been involved in a business that, over the course of a decade, grew to employ 80 people. The simple fact is, they all need to be paid every month.

Recently, I took over as Stylo’s Managing Director, following in the footsteps of Simon Olley, who had left a significant example to follow. Simon has been a mentor and friend, someone I can turn to for advice when needed. Now, my responsibilities revolve around profit and loss, strategy, and financial control. However, I always find myself returning to my main mantra and what I consider my greatest strength: building, understanding, and managing teams. Without a strong team working in the direction I set, managing the business becomes significantly more challenging.



I’ve always believed that being accepted by your peers and sometimes even competitors can enhance the company’s reputation within the printing community. Connecting with like-minded individuals can reinforce what we’re doing or provide new ideas to try within our own organisation. I considered joining FESPA UK many years ago, but it seemed like an old-fashioned trade body focused on screen printing and not embracing the digital world. However, it has transformed into a modern and forward-thinking organisation. Don’t get me wrong, screen printing still holds its place in today’s production methods. Combining knowledge of both traditional and new techniques can produce truly stunning graphic designs. Just take a look at this year’s FESPA awards to appreciate the artistry and skill involved.

Under Suzi’s leadership as FESPA UK Managing Director and with the current board, our corner of FESPA worldwide has become a highly effective and relevant membership. Any company considering joining should explore the benefits first-hand. I would even go as far as guaranteeing that you will find something that will help your company become more profitable or better informed. I feel honoured to be asked to join this team and will actively seek ways to support the broader print industry in the UK, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) out there.”
FESPA UK are delighted to have Simon as part of the team and even more excited to see what the future holds for Simon as a valued member of the board.
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