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Great graphics are critical at live events and the finalists for this category demonstrate all that is great in our industry

Andy Webb, Head of Wide Format for Fujifilm UK

We feel privileged to sponsor the Live events category. If we think back to a few years ago (which seems a lifetime ago!) we all missed going out to live events and spending time with friends, colleagues, families etc. Graphics go a long way to help bring these live events to life. At Fujifilm, we have invested massively in R and D, to produce print equipment and inks that can help make these applications stand out and pop. Printing onto fabric, Vinyl, Mesh etc.

Our most recent marketing campaign is around how our latest UV ink is flexible enough to print onto fabric and be folded up into a box and shipped directly to the customer. Proving more cost-effective and kinder to the environment than some other printing techniques.

Fujifilm produces all of our own inks in Broadstairs, Kent, which are shipped all around the world. At this site, we have 70 members of staff dedicated to R and D, using their expertise to create inks that best suit different applications. Inks that are also best suited to the machine they are running on. Careful consideration is taken as to what is the best ink at the right price that looks best to the end customer.

All of the entries in the Live Events category look great. I have been lucky enough to see some of them first-hand. The important thing to remember is without such stunning graphics, some of the magic of the event is taken away, and these events would become very grey and dull in appearance. It’s the colour and creativity from the graphics that help make an event memorable and marketable. As a company, we are constantly innovating and trying to promote our strong brand heritage and beliefs in the best possible way. These graphics go a long way to help promote the event’s branding and history.

We are constantly innovating as a company. Live events take the audience’s experience into consideration as a key priority. Without its audience, it wouldn’t exist. This is mirrored in Fujifilm. Without our customers, we wouldn’t exist. This is why 3 years ago, we started on the blueprint journey, going back to the drawing board with product development. With the customer at the forefront. Utilising our own expertise, our customers’ feedback and a 3rd party design agency. We created machines that are easy to use, have low running costs, are productive and give great print quality. This means our customers can produce work as quickly as possible and continue to be profitable, but at the same time, are also easy to use. Giving the best experience to the customer, our audience.

Watch this space for more future technologies, I would like to wish all of this year’s Finalists the best of luck!

Hollywood Monster: Triumph At The Commonwealth Games 2022

Hollywood Monster, in collaboration with CSM Live, saw them rise to the challenge of delivering compelling graphic assets for the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham in the summer of 2022.

They showed great versatility in executing diverse graphic requirements. From the grandeur of the Copthorne Hotel wrapping to intricate hoardings at Alexander Stadium, bridges, and fan parks. With banners ranging from 30m by 20m to 1000m by 1m, Hollywood Monster ensured a visual spectacle that resonated with both attendees and viewers.

The path to success was marked by tireless effort. Operating 24/7, the team invested over 500 hours to meet tight deadlines, surmounting challenges posed by the project’s scale and complexity. A close partnership with CSM Live aided in aligning execution with the vision.

The graphics transformed Birmingham into a hub of excitement, garnering substantial local and global attention. A survey by Ipsos revealed that nearly half of the UK engaged with the Games through TV or attendance. Globally, Birmingham’s prominence surged as millions witnessed the event, leaving a significant impact.

A record 1.5 million spectators bought tickets for the event, making it the most popular.

Commonwealth Games ever to be hosted in the UK. More than 5 million people came to Birmingham city centre during the two-week period of the Games – a 200% increase on the same period in 2021. Hollywood Monster is very proud to say they were part of such a global event in their hometown, and that their graphics were seen by millions of people around the world.

Grapefruit Graphics: Billie Jean King Cup

The Grapefruit team orchestrated the branding transformation for the prestigious Billie Jean King Cup, held at Glasgow’s Emirates Stadium.

An emblem of women’s tennis excellence, the Billie Jean King Cup attracted 12 nations vying for the coveted BJK trophy during six days of world-class action. From inception to execution, they undertook the responsibility of crafting a vibrant and cohesive experience, ushering attendees and players into the immersive world of the BJK brand.

The Emirates Stadium exterior set the stage, featuring box office containers, lampposts, and barrier jackets adorned in the BJK theme. This transformation continued indoors, weaving a colourful tapestry throughout the venue. Team-themed dressing rooms, lively locker areas, and the courts exuded the brand’s energy and continuity.

Collaborating closely with the LTA and the design agency, our team meticulously ensured colour consistency across various materials.

Over 500 artwork files came to life, yielding 2000sqm of banners, 1800sqm of vinyl coverings, and various media installations. This comprehensive effort seamlessly transformed the Emirates Arena into an optimal stage for athletes, officials, and spectators.

Challenges inherent in live events were met head-on, from last-minute artwork confirmations to impromptu requests. Grapefruit’s commitment to problem-solving led them to print 1000m of material in the final four days before installation, with roll changes every six hours.

Among the event’s most memorable moments was the live TV reconstruction of the winner’s podium within five minutes of the Swiss team’s trophy acceptance. Guided by seasoned Project Managers, a dedicated installation crew of 12 worked tirelessly for six days. This collaboration extended to clients and fellow contractors, culminating in meticulous preparation that provided an exceptional platform for a captivating display of talent, capturing the world’s attention.

Grafit Display Hire: Liv Golf 2022

June 2022 saw the first season of Liv Golf International Series, which consisted of seven 54-hole tournaments, featuring 48 players and no cut, and a team championship event at the season’s end. On 17 March 2022, the first eight tournament schedule was announced, with the first tournament taking place at the Centurion Club near Hemel Hempstead from Thursday 9th June 2022 to Saturday 11th June 2022.

After the organisers were made aware of how much we had previously been involved in other golf branding, such as The Open, it was decided that they should provide the full event branding across the course, which consisted of the Range Viewing, Range Tent, 18th Viewing, 18th Hospitality area, Bridge and Catering, to name a few.

Directional signage, welcome boards, tee markers, range markers, a variety of backdrops for media and hotel areas, various stand and viewing platform branding, and the largest seamless tension fabric print Grafit had ever produced at 45m in length and positioned on the viewing platform of the 18th hole were all provided. They also provided the huge screen platform with surrounding branding, as well as smaller items such as quiet bats for when the golf was in play and airport bats for when the client arranged to pick up VIPs from the airport.

After the men’s event had ended, it was then time to switch all of the black Liv Golf branding to the purple Aramco Ladies event branding, including the 45m seamless tension fabric print! The crew worked relentlessly to complete it within the three-day turnaround time allocated ahead of the women’s tournament starting on Thursday 16th June 2022.

Across the whole event, consisting of the Liv Golf men’s tournament and Aramco women’s tournament Grafit utilised in excess of 5000 sqm of print across the six main areas and the smaller items needed.

MacroArt: ‘GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!’ - Pokémon World Championships 2022

MacroArt’s submission for the UK Graphics Awards’ Live Events category shines a spotlight on their role in enhancing the Pokémon World Championships’ merchandising experience. At ExCeL in London, they orchestrated a design, print, and framework production for the Pokémon World Store, delivering a commercial triumph.

The scope of the project was vast, involving collaboration with partners and Pokémon itself. The team managed a comprehensive package, designing, printing, and installing graphics on a grand scale. This activation was hailed as the franchise’s largest retail endeavour, demanding authenticity and vibrancy.

The focal point was creating a captivating Pokémon town, blending London landmarks with the franchise’s iconic elements. Over 1500m2 of eco-friendly dye-sublimation fabrics covered 500 linear meters of modular framing, creating a visually stunning backdrop. Every detail was meticulously planned, ensuring seamless installation and an immersive visitor experience.

Sustainability was paramount, driving material choices. MacroArt employed recycled plastic bottle substrates for lightboxes and minimised waste through efficient production processes. After the event, materials were responsibly recycled, underscoring their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Client satisfaction came with their commendation: “Thank you for your unwavering commitment.” The success in delivering a dynamic, sustainable, and visually enchanting retail environment at the Pokémon World Championships supports MacroArt’s dedication to live event graphics excellence.

Service Graphics: Eurovision City Handover - Liverpool 2023

In international events, few occasions capture the essence of unity and cultural diversity as vividly as the Eurovision Song Contest. Service Graphics transformed Liverpool’s iconic St George’s Hall into a resplendent celebration of togetherness, showcasing that “millions of hearts beat as one.”

Collaborating hand in hand with Liverpool City Council, the objective was to orchestrate a complete brand overlay of St George’s Hall before the grand reveal of Eurovision 2023’s official brand identity and the city’s ceremonial handover. Operating within a tight timeline and mindful of a global television audience, the project demanded precision, planning, and flawless execution to ensure the vibrancy and impact of the Eurovision brand.

The role encompassed technical design, super-wide format printing, eco-conscious consultation to achieve sustainability goals, and meticulous material selection to match a variety of surface overlays. Service Graphics navigated the intricate web of stakeholders, meeting tight timelines while catering to soaring expectations.

The outcome was nothing short of spectacular: an all-encompassing brand overlay that seamlessly translated Eurovision 2023’s core message of unity and the transformative power of music. This also paved the way for their subsequent appointment to craft significant elements of the city’s visual identity and venue dressing for the Eurovision Song Contest itself, held on May 15th, 2023.

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