SAi to showcase the latest version of Flexi at FESPA 23

SAi’s flagship Flexi sign-making software will be at FESPA, and the company marks 10 years of SAi Cloud solutions

Flexi 22 streamlines production and opens new market opportunities

SA International (SAi), a provider of software solutions for professional sign-making, wide-format digital printing and CAD/CAM machining industries, will demonstrate the latest developments to its Flexi sign-making software, the only all-in-one design, print and cut software for sign and print providers, on its stand (A1-A11) at FESPA, 23-26 May, at Messe Munich.

SAi also heads to FESPA as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of its Cloud solutions that continue to facilitate communication, support, file transfer, updates, storage and innovation for its customers.

Production powerhouse that drives profits for customers

Flexi 22 has an enhanced, user-friendly interface with the SAi Connect dashboard for monitoring production data, licenses, subscriptions, and downloading updates. Efficiency, ease of use, and the ability to modify jobs directly within Flexi Production Manager streamline the workflow, delivering time and cost savings. Repeat jobs are easily accessible with original settings for faster, easier and more profitable reprints.

This powerful software for sign and display producers incorporates SAi’s established, sign-specific design tools, RIP software and print-and-cut software for vinyl cutting.

Flexi 22 also has tools for special applications, including Direct-to-Film and Direct-to-Garment design and production, giving the software exceptional versatility. These features can help signmakers expand into new markets and offer additional services to their existing customers.

As well as being available via ‘traditional’ licenses, Flexi 22 is also available as subscription software, making payment easy and assuring signmakers that they are always using the latest version. In this way, costs can be controlled and even applied to specific jobs.

Ten years in the Cloud – One billion jobs processed

A lot has happened in ten years, and the use of the Cloud for storage, software delivery, file sharing, support and training has continued to expand and is now accepted as standard practice.

SAi’s pioneering software subscription program and development of SAi Cloud used this technology to make the software more affordable and flexible. No longer do customers have to buy and install expensive collections of CDs, pay large amounts for new versions, or buy unnecessary bundles of features they do not need. Instead, subscription customers benefit from continuous product improvements and automatic updates without incurring upgrade costs.

Today, nearly 25,000 SAi customers have active subscription licenses, and SAi Cloud has to date processed one billion jobs! The ability to receive regular, automatic updates and unlock special applications on a short-term basis has made SAi’s Cloud offerings the gold standard for its customers.

SAi’s new Adendo training program and the Flexi User Community are also enabled by Cloud technologies and bring benefits to thousands of users by providing expert training and the sharing of best practice.

“Flexi 22 is hitting the sweet-spot for signmakers,” says Sarit Tichon, Senior VP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, SAi. “Its long history of reliability and innovation have made it the leading software for the industry. Having one billion jobs stored in our tenth year of SAi Cloud services is a major landmark and clearly illustrates both Flexi’s evolution and SAi’s commitment to our customers and the industry.

“SAi is a long-standing FESPA exhibitor, and we now enjoy an established suite of products that, for many customers, serves as the beating pulse of their sign-making operations. To that end, for FESPA visitors looking to boost productivity and enhance efficiencies within their sign-making workflow, a visit to SAi’s booth will be well worth their time,” Sarit Tichon concludes.

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