SAi Launches Flexi 22 Software

SA International has announced the launch of Flexi 22, a fully-updated and more powerful version of its signmaking software.

New version of industry-leading signmaking software unveiled at FESPA Global Print Expo

Flexi 22 adds new improvements to productivity features and unlocks profitable new application opportunities such as direct-to-film and direct-to-garment

Watch our exclusive interview with Jasper from SA International below:

SA International (SAi), provider of software solutions for the signmaking, digital printing, textile and CNC machining industries, has announced the launch of Flexi 22, a fully-updated and more powerful version of its signmaking software.

The new solution, the only all-in-one design, print and cut software for sign and print providers, is engineered to further increase productivity and workflow efficiencies for users and was demonstrated live for the first time at FESPA Global Print Expo.

Building on the success of SAi’s flagship Flexi package, Flexi 22 meets the exacting production needs of sign and display users by incorporating proven sign-specific design tools, RIP software and print-and-cut software for direct vinyl cutting.

New and unique features

Additionally, the latest version of Flexi has been engineered to provide improved connectivity for users through the SAi Connect dashboard, a feature unique to the new software. Via one central interface, this allows users to easily manage their software licenses or subscriptions, download new versions or updates, as well as monitor and review production data reports. SAi Connect also resides in the user’s toolbar, enabling instant accessibility without taking up valuable real estate in the screen workspace. 

Flexi 22 also streamlines the production workflow and delivers greater efficiency benefits by allowing more job modifications to be applied directly within Flexi Production Manager, thereby eliminating the need to back-track or redo. This includes the ability to create contour lines or develop and store orders with the original job files and settings, making reprint orders faster, easier and more profitable. In addition, Flexi 22 offers the capability to add jobs to nested groups, without the need to first ‘un-nest’ other jobs. Users simply add the new job to the queue, then drag and drop to the nested group.

Flexi 22 provides improved connectivity for users through the new SAi Connect dashboard

Simplified design and production of DTF and DTG applications

Users of the new Flexi 22 also benefit from the capability to leverage profitable new application opportunities more easily. For example, Flexi 22’s Direct-to-Film and Direct-to-Garment features simplify the design and production process to provide an easier path for those seeking to add tee shirt and other textile printing applications to their service offering.

“Flexi 22 represents the most powerful version to date and comes fully loaded with specific productivity- and efficiency-enhancing tools that have been integrated following research into the additional tools needed by customers to address their precise needs,” explains Annette Plummer, VP Marketing, SAi.

“Unlike some software options on the market that comprise only the RIP, SAi Flexi combines an easy-to-use design interface with a powerful RIP to give users a complete, seamless package,” she adds. “With Flexi 22, we are confident that our sign and display customers will find everything they are looking for from a signmaking software.”

Available for purchase from June 22nd, Flexi 22 will be accessible by monthly subscription for as little as €/USD 64,99* per month with a 12-month commitment.

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*Please check for equivalent pricing in other currencies

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