Roll up for the finalists in the Roll-out category at the UK Graphic Awards

Four finalist come together for the Roll-out category at the UK Graphic Awards, sponsored by 3M

Imageco: Roll-Out With Dr Martens

Imageco ventured into uncharted territory by collaborating with Dr. Martens on their groundbreaking ‘test and learn’ stores, beginning with the flagship on Carnaby Street, London. These novel retail spaces aimed to seamlessly merge the factory floor with the shop floor, showcasing the latest collection crafted in their Made in England workshop. As Dr. Martens embraced eco-consciousness, they sought in-store Point of Sale (POS) solutions that echoed their sustainability ethos. Recognising Imageco’s prowess in sustainable print, they entrusted them with this project, which ultimately extended to 80 stores across the UK and Europe.

Syn Retail’s innovative designs served as the blueprint for the store’s POS rollout. Dr. Martens aspired to infuse sustainable elements into their POS and interior decorations—a paradigm shift from their past reliance on PVC materials. Armed with Syn Retail’s vision and allocations, alongside tight timelines and budgets, the company engaged in extensive consultations with Syn Retail and Dr. Martens’ retail heads. Together, they steered the selection of sustainable materials that now find global application, championing Imageco’s MD’s personal pride in promoting sustainability.

Leveraging its green portfolio, Imageco crafted the POS for the extensive rollout, employing a range of sustainable materials. Katz Display Board emerged as a notable choice—an eco-friendly alternative to Foamex, it maintains stability while being fully recyclable within paper waste streams. For certain display pieces, they turned to Xanita board. Employing PVC-free window vinyl and utilising HP Latex ink technology for all print products, we forged an eco-conscious path.

Plastic-free packaging was pivotal in upholding sustainability principles. The commitment to emission reduction and cost efficiency prompted a plan to innovate by creating a second campaign that was printed on the reverse side of the boards. This ingenious approach empowered Dr. Martens to embrace sustainability without incurring the environmental and financial burdens of additional graphics production and shipping.

Semaphore: Transport For Wales - Placemaking Campaign / Metro Branding Launch

Semaphore embarked on a rebranding and placemaking venture for Transport for Wales, a cherished and enduring client. This ambitious project required introducing their novel Metro Line across 50 locations and stations in Wales.

Employing various substrates, Semaphore maintained an unwavering commitment to excellence, precision, and surpassing the client’s timeline. The dedication to quality was unwavering as they harnessed their Sustainable Climate+ product range, yielding results that delighted the client and left an indelible mark.

Their repertoire encompassed an array of products and substrates, including Subway Wraps, Hoarding Panels, Cladding Wraps, Vinyl Sign Writing, Floor Graphics, Contravision, Lift Wraps, Built-up Lettering, and more. The application of these materials elevated the aesthetic and functionality of the stations.

The public’s response validated their efforts, with commuters sharing their appreciation for the renewed stations. The metamorphosis invigorated their desire to engage with Transport for Wales’ services, bolstering the utilisation of their fully electric metro trams. This endeavour resonated with Transport for Wales’ paramount mission—reducing Wales’ carbon footprint.

More recently, Semaphore have been immersed in wrapping their pioneering fully electric Metro Trams using Hexis’ PVC-free products, a testament to their commitment to sustainability. The association with Transport for Wales has flourished over time, rooted in mutual growth and trust.

Signbox: Deloitte - Shared Values Roll Out

The principal directive encompassed crafting sustainable signage and display solutions for an interactive workspace, harmonising with the ethos and principles of a distinguished professional services advisor. This initiative demanded graphic detailing that not only conveyed the brand’s vision but also ventured into the realm of innovation, employing cutting-edge sustainable materials to challenge conventional perceptions of contemporary work environments.

Through meticulous attention to detail, the workspace was infused with the client’s core themes, including the ‘future of the office’ and ‘shared values,’ achieved through flexible and ecologically conscious solutions. Signbox’s exploration led them to furniture-grade birch face ply, amenable to direct-to-surface printing and intricate routing. Notably, design refinement incorporated concealed rare-earth magnets for adaptable and clandestine installation, mindful of budgetary considerations.

The response entailed devising an array of on-brand signage complemented by an assortment of modular, interactive installations that could be repositioned and refreshed to mirror the evolving workspace dynamics. Employing sustainable materials such as

FSC-certified timber and recycled green cast acrylic, we also prioritised energy efficiency by integrating LED lighting with low power consumption.

A significant hurdle lay in creating resilient, visually captivating, and budget-friendly sustainable installations. Navigating this challenge was a product of astute creative design, CAD manufacturing software, and an exploration of novel material options. The interruption of the supply chain due to the Ukrainian conflict prompted us to source superior-grade alternatives from Poland and Norway. These materials, amenable to direct-to-surface printing and seamless machining on our router, offered exceptional results. Collaboration with the client was pivotal in ensuring an on-brand outcome, culminating in a comprehensive brand signage strategy document.

UK Signs: London Stone Roll Out

London Stone is a leading supplier of natural stone paving across the UK, catering to an array of clients from diverse industries. In early 2021, London Stone entrusted UK Signs with rebranding and signage for their expansive distribution centre in Langley, a pivotal hub covering the South of England and Midlands.

The project encompassed designing and manufacturing comprehensive wayfinding and display signage for the entire facility, along with rebranding and wrapping their extensive vehicle fleet.

The scope involved crafting 64 signs and wrapping 16 vehicles, ranging from expansive 6m x 4m display signs to smaller A2-sized wayfinding signs. The in-house design team meticulously adhered to brand guidelines, ensuring precise positioning of logos and fonts. Promptly after the site visit, the design team diligently crafted the artwork, which was subsequently submitted for approval to the London Stone Marketing team.

London Stone requested a phased installation to prevent disruptions to their bustling production unit. Consequently, UK Signs arranged for phase 1, comprising 32 signs, to be ready for installation in the following week, followed by phase 2 a week later.

Dibond was chosen as the preferred material during the site visit due to its suitability for outdoor use. Its weather-resistant attributes, cost-effectiveness, and durability made it the optimal choice, with a lifespan exceeding eight years without degradation in quality. The production team meticulously cut panels to the precise dimensions for subsequent UV printing and lamination at their Slough manufacturing facility. The completed signs were then transported for installation by our dedicated team.

Installation was executed with minimal disruption to the operational environment. The UK Signs team adeptly navigated various terrains and elevations, prioritising safety and professionalism.

Since March 2023, London Stone proudly announced their carbon-neutral status. UK Signs has played a role in this achievement, providing materials manufactured from recyclable sources and facilitating the recycling of decommissioned signage. The collaboration has empowered London Stone’s brand visibility, both locally in Berkshire and across the UK.

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