New TrueVIS water-based resin ink printer stars in major product launch by Roland DG

Under Mediterranean winter sun at the Circuit de Catalunya, European press and Roland DG dealers assembled for a big industry announcement
Pro-skaters Raisa Abal and Louisa Menke putting on a show
BWT Alpine F1 team demonstrating their wrapping skills
Roland's first water-based resin ink machine - the TrueVIS AP-640
Paul Willems, Roland DG’s Director of Business Development and Product Management
The new TrueVIS printers launched by Roland DG
The pit lane and podium of the Circuit de Catalunya - a fabulous location for this launch

We were there for the launch of new additions to the TrueVIS range of printers from Roland DG. It was the biggest product announcement for the company to date, offering the largest range of ink technologies and applications for roll-to-roll printing in one product family.

The launch saw Roland add UV print and cut technology to the TrueVIS range with the high-productivity LG Series and the multi-functional MG Series. To top it all, Roland revealed its first water-based resin ink printer, the AP-640. Together with the four eco-solvent models launched in March 2022, the TrueVIS line-up expands to a total of 10 inkjet devices.

Paul Willems, Roland DG’s Director of Business Development and Product Management, had the honour of announcing the printers. He said, “The new MG Series is an evolution of the award-winning models we launched last year. It has an optimised curing system that makes the platform more affordable for our customers without sacrificing image quality.”

The video introducing the new TrueVIS AP-640 water-based resin printer was greeted with spontaneous and enthusiastic applause from the audience, something that clearly moved Paul, “The AP-640 is our first ever resin printer. It is packed with innovations, and the beautiful design makes it look instantly part of the family. Output from this printer is instantly dry, and because it is odourless, it can be used in any environment. We have also focused on minimising energy use, making it a true leader in sustainable wide format printing.”

We were shown the new printers in action and could see the great production quality of each of them. We were also treated to a vehicle wrapping demonstration on an F1 car by the BWT Alpine F1 team and a skateboarding display by pro-skaters Raisa Abal and Louisa Menke.

View from a reseller

Georgia Brown, Managing Director of UK Roland reseller, Your Print Specialists, said, “The new TrueVIS printers look incredible. It’s very exciting to see Roland release a water-based resin ink printer for the first time. I was very impressed with the demonstration of the AP-640. The quality and vibrancy of the prints are fantastic and will definitely turn heads.”

She continued, “Roland has created the ultimate triple threat by adding UV and resin to the TrueVIS range. The TrueVIS range already has an amazing reputation with the VG and SG models, and these new printers can only build upon this. They will definitely be an exciting addition to the print market. I can’t wait to see what can be produced with these impressive new machines.”

A complete range

Roland said these printers provide a unique and unparalleled offering for the industry. The TrueVIS range delivers industry-leading image quality in each technology segment that is compatible with the widest range of applications, ensuring every application requirement and quality expectation is within reach for customers.

The newly developed resin model offers natural expressiveness, takes advantage of the media texture, and uses enhanced environmental and people-friendly inks. The UV models enable high-definition output, including three-dimensional expressions for the reproduction of artwork and for communicating by touch, including Braille. The eco-solvent models create graphics with vivid colours, taking UV printing to a new level.

The all-new common hardware platform featured within each machine includes important user interaction improvements and digital connectivity, through Roland DG Connect, designed to increase competitiveness and significantly decrease downtime for users.

Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division comments: “Consumer needs have and continue to dramatically change against a backdrop of fast-paced technological innovation, changes in social structure, and the growing awareness of environmental issues. As a result, printed graphics are increasingly required not only to transmit information, but to offer functionality and expressiveness that create positive impressions and experiences.

“We are excited to support our customers through this changing landscape by launching an expansion to our TrueVIS line-up – offering more options and better, innovative solutions for all. No matter which printing technology they choose, our customers can count on the same industry leading TrueVIS quality of printing and reliability across the full range.”

Since the first model was released in 2016, the TrueVIS series has won worldwide acclaim from graphics production professionals for its ability to produce high-quality graphics. Alongside this expansion of products, Roland DG has launched its TrueVIS product wizard which helps customers find their ideal TrueVIS product, cutting through the complexity of choice. Each product is scored and weighted to provide accurate response results, recommending the hero product for the customer alongside alternatives to consider.

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