Roland DG Unveils Two New VersaSTUDIO printers: Compact UV and Direct-To-Film Innovative

Roland DG, a leading global manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and printer/cutters, proudly introduces two cutting-edge products to its esteemed VersaSTUDIO series

VersaSTUDIO printer
VersaSTUDIO printer - BD-8

The BD-8, marking the debut of a flatbed UV printer in the VersaSTUDIO series, and the BY-20 featuring Roland DG’s advanced Direct-To-Film (DTF transfer) ink technology, catering to a wide spectrum of clientele within the apparel goods market.

“Our VersaSTUDIO lineup, renowned for its compact, user-friendly, and cost-effective desktop solutions encompassing inkjet printers, cutters, engravers, metal printers, and foil transfer laser decorators, continues to evolve,” stated Tony Miller, President of Roland DG’s Global Sales and Marketing Division. “The inclusion of these two pioneering products further entrenches our commitment to providing a comprehensive range of solutions.”

The BD-8 stands out as a versatile UV printer capable of high-definition direct printing on diverse shapes and materials, supporting items up to A5 size and 102mm in height. Additionally, with an optional rotary axis, it effortlessly prints on cylindrical objects like bottles and lipsticks. Compatible with EUV5 ink, it accommodates materials ranging from soft fabrics to hard surfaces like wood and plastics. The primer ink enhances adhesion for printing on glass and metal, enabling the seamless creation of lucrative products such as smartphone cases, stationery, cosmetic items, and more.

On the other hand, the BY-20, a water-based printer utilising the DTF transfer method, enhances the design and efficiency of apparel goods production. By printing on a specialised film and applying hot-melt powder thermally, this technology simplifies the process of layering the film onto fabric and heat-pressing it to craft original T-shirts, sportswear, and more. Its versatility extends to transferring intricate designs onto various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, denim, nylon, and rayon, ensuring an extensive range of garment possibilities.

Both the BD-8 and BY-20 boast the same high-end print head as Roland DG’s premium inkjet models, offering multiple print modes suitable for diverse applications, ensuring professional-grade printing results achievable by anyone. Miller highlighted the user-friendly design of these machines, emphasising their ease of installation and operation. Sporting a minimalist interface with just a power button, their functions are seamlessly accessible through the included Utility software. Moreover, the printers come equipped with FlexiDESIGNER VersaSTUDIO Edition, facilitating design creation and output even for novices in design software usage.

Furthermore, bundled with Roland DG Connect, a cloud-based service, users gain proactive error support and real-time visualisation of the printer’s status, ensuring a hassle-free printing experience.

Despite their robust productivity features and inclusive design and output software, the BD-8 and BY-20 are competitively priced, catering to first-time users. Additionally, they come with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty and optional maintenance contracts.

“As we expand the VersaSTUDIO lineup, embodying the ethos of ‘Get Started,’ we believe these new additions will significantly broaden creative and business horizons for our customers across various domains, including original goods manufacturing, in-store decoration services, and STEM education,”

Miller affirmed. “Our commitment remains steadfast in evolving the VersaSTUDIO series to meet diverse needs and inspire new endeavours globally.”

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