Roland DG Connect supports wide format printing with enhanced operational capabilities

Roland DG Connect empowers businesses to optimise their operations, streamline workflows, and boost profitability

Roland DG Connect subscription service interface showcasing operational capabilities.
The screenshot of the Roland DG Connect subscription service interface displaying various operational metrics and tools for wide format printing.

Roland DG has unveiled Roland DG Connect, a revolutionary subscription service designed to support its customers’ wide format printing. This cloud-based connected service offers three key features: Business Dashboard, Multi-User Function, and an Automated Backup Function. With Roland DG Connect, businesses can enjoy enhanced operational capabilities and unlock new avenues for growth and success.

Paul Willems, Roland DG’s Director of Business Development and Product Management

Paul Willems, Product Management & Business Development Director for EMEA, highlights the benefits of Roland DG Connect, stating, 

“Roland DG Connect enables us to provide faster, more proactive support to our customers, and allows users to easily visualise the status of their machine, calculate profitability, and quickly download media output profiles. Many of our customers use this solution today successfully, supporting the growth of their business.”

The “Business Dashboard” is a powerful tool that expands functionality by offering multidimensional analysis of crucial data. Users can gain insights into ink consumption, printing time, output in square meters, and usage time, allowing them to visualise detailed information across multiple printers quickly.

The “Multi-User Function” empowers businesses with devices spread across multiple locations. It enables users to access and view information about devices they own, even if they don’t have physical access to them. This function proves valuable for formulating company-wide operation plans, improving ink-ordering efficiency through centralised ink consumption management, and ensuring stable operation by monitoring maintenance requirements for each device.

To further streamline operations, the “Automated Backup Function” of the VersaWorks RIP software automatically saves print settings and enables swift restoration with a single click. This functionality ensures seamless resumption of operations in case of PC malfunctions, replacements, or additions.

Paul Willems adds, 

“As consumer needs continue to diversify and trend cycles shorten,it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to create and deliver unique value in a timely manner. In the printing industry, on-demand printing using inkjet printers is common, and an increasing number of customers are using different types of printers together or installing multiple printers to improve productivity. Under these circumstances, knowledge of how to operate printing operations efficiently and without waste has become critical to achieving a highly competitive and sustainable business.”

“Roland DG Connect, which allows customers to visualise key information about their devices, has the power to help customers meet these challenges. We will continue to accelerate the expansion of its functions and contribute to the realisation of new creative and business opportunities for our customers.”

To celebrate the launch of Roland DG Connect, a special campaign will run until the end of December 2023. Customers can take advantage of exclusive pricing and enjoy a complimentary one-month trial of the premium version.

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