Ricoh analyses potential 2023 trends with IPIA General Manager Brendan Perring

‘Anything in Print’ podcast discusses what print service providers can do to ensure success over the next 12 months
Brendan Perring, General Manager, Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA)

Back in October 2022 Ricoh UK announced the launch of its second series of ‘Anything in Print’ podcasts which highlight and celebrate organisations championing the print industry.

The latest episode in the series has now gone live and features an in-depth discussion with Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) General Manager Brendan Perring about the major trends that will drive growth in the industry during 2023.

Available to download for free from the Anything in Print section of the Ricoh website, episode four of series two considers what it will take for the average print service provider to succeed over the next 12 months and how they can ensure business growth.

Tim Carter, Commercial Print Sales Director at Ricoh Graphic Communications, and one of the hosts of the Anything in Print podcast series, speaks with Brendan Perring about some of the stand-out trends from 2022 and which of these are likely to carry over into 2023.

The episode also looks at what is driving some of the most important current trends and what print companies can do to take full advantage of demand for certain products and services and grow their business as a result.

Dedicated to the UK print market, the IPIA is committed to serving and protecting the interests of print as well as connecting the industry with associate ones – such as creative and design – to help its members access further growth opportunities.

“The industry has seen more unparalleled challenges in the last couple of years than ever before, and we are very proud to be working side-by-side with its leaders to innovate, collaborate and problem-solve for a successful future,” Tim Carter says.

Following the success of the original podcast series that launched in 2021, the second series of Anything in Print once again pays tribute to the businesses and organisations at the forefront of the sector, highlighting the work they do and how they can support print companies in the modern market.

A total of four episodes from series two are now available to download. In episode one, Charles Jarrold, CEO of the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF), discusses the ever-evolving landscape that businesses need to navigate and delves into why – and how – they keep going.

Episode two features Cara Walker, Executive Director of Digital Solutions at Communisis; and Christina McMinn, Executive Director of Manufacturing and Logistics for Communisis, talking about how the business is combining innovation and operations to power personalisation and customer engagement.

In addition, Sue Evren, Managing Director of the Paragon sites in Tewkesbury and Bristol, joins Simon in episode three for a look at the power of integrated communications and how a joined-up approach can transform customer journeys, improve team satisfaction and drive the message of sustainability.

Further episodes – 10 in total – will be released monthly and will feature leading industry organisations as well as print champions from associated sectors.

All Anything in Print episodes are available to listen at, where listeners can also subscribe and receive notifications of future content. The podcasts are accessible via all major streaming platforms including Apple podcasts and Spotify.

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