Pyramid launches 2-month Correx Product Focus

In partnership with Corplex, manufacturers of the market leading fluted polypropylene sheet, Correx®, Pyramid have launched a 2 month Product Focus beginning in January 2024.

Correx® is a trademarked, corrugated twin-walled polypropylene sheet. This material boasts a blend of lightweight properties, sturdy construction, easy sanitisation and recyclability. Crafted from a combination of prime and recycled materials, it holds third-party certification to internationally recognised flame-retardant standards.

Available in sheet form through Pyramid’s 5 Branch distribution network or their 24/7 Web Store, they offer prompt next-day delivery on the vast majority of their Correx® sheets. Utilising their on-site converting facilities, these sheets can be transformed into a wide array of both standard and custom product options, making it an optimal choice for numerous applications, particularly within the Sign & Display sector. This includes applications such as estate agent boards, general POS, outdoor signage, protective sheets, packaging, and various other uses.

A new Correx® brochure is available in both printed and digital formats.

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