Plug and Print Profiles for Fedrigoni Media

Color Concepts and Fedrigoni Self-adhesives have announced a collaboration to boost usability of key Fedrigoni Self-adhesives films. Check out the full interview with Roeland den Hertog, Global Sales Manager of Color Concepts for more.

Color Concepts, a leading service provider for tech giants in the visual communications industry, is collaborating with Fedrigoni Self-adhesives to conduct rigorous performance tests, certifications for HP Latex printers, and create accurate printer profiles for popular Fedrigoni Self-adhesives print materials. In total, the two companies will collaborate on different materials across a range of different applications.

In an increasingly competitive market for print materials, complicated by supply chain disruptions, Fedrigoni Self-adhesives is committed to adding value to their products wherever possible. “We know that print shops have been squeezed from both the demand and the supply side in recent years in unprecedented ways, and we want to do our part to ensure that Ritrama by Fedrigoni Self-adhesives products are tested, proven print solutions that are easy to use and cost effective,” says Daniele Perotti, Global Graphics Product and Business Development Manager at Fedrigoni Self-adhesives. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Color Concepts to test, profile, and certify our materials – this is only the beginning!”

The collaboration starts with HP Latex Certification, created jointly by Color Concepts and HP. This industry-recognized standard, once achieved, guarantees a material’s suitability for its given application and determines its optimal print settings on HP Latex printers. As a result, HP Latex Certified products offer print shops and converters a ‘plug-and-print’ user experience. In addition, Color Concepts will profile a subset of the materials for the Epson SureColor SC-R5000(L), Epson’s first large format printer to feature resin inks. “This will ensure that adopters of this new machine will be able to use Ritrama by Fedrigoni Self-adhesives products without needing to develop their own printer profiles from scratch,” explains Christo Saayman, Operations Manager at Color Concepts EU. “By pursuing this collaboration, Ritrama by Fedrigoni Self-adhesives is increasing the value – and ease of use – of its product portfolio. We are honored to be involved.”

This collaborative effort between Fedrigoni Self-adhesives and Color Concepts is officially underway and both companies will continue to make announcements throughout the testing, profiling and certification process.

Color Concepts has set standards in profiling, print material testing, media certification programs, education and consulting since its inception in 2003. Today, Color Concepts leads the industry in innovation with its revolutionary ColorBase ecosystem of connected software products and services. In addition to the training, testing, and consulting services from its renowned Print Labs in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Salt Lake City, Utah, Color Concepts connects innovators across the industry with, ColorBase Labs, and more.

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