New Essence Tension Frame product website for Project Display

Project Display has introduced a new website dedicated exclusively to their Essence Range of Tension Frames and LED lightboxes.

The new Project Display site can be found by visiting –

Trade suppliers can download unbranded collateral

The new platform aims to showcase the design and versatility of the Essence Range, offering an overview of the product’s features and applications.

Project Display is an exclusively trade-only supplier, so the website is designed to allow visitors to browse and download unbranded spec sheets for each product to share directly with their customers without the PD branding.

Additionally, Project Display offers the service of branding their spec sheets with their clients’ logo/colour scheme upon request.

Chloe Dixon, Managing Director of Project Display, says, “The increasing demand for the Essence collection prompted the expansion of Project Display in 2023. This led to us opening our second facility in Norfolk, which is solely focused on manufacturing the range.” Read more about this story here.

Project Display’s Essence Tension Frame

The full range of Textile Frames and Lightboxes range from 16mm to 150mm in depth for wall mount or freestanding use and have the option to be illuminated or non-illuminated which are available to purchase with or without fabrics.​​

Project Display is always seeking trade-only partners. They can be contacted at

Read more news about Project Display here.

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