New Elitron Kombo TAV: OFFICIAL launch of their latest innovation.

Elitron are thrilled to announce the launch of their latest innovation – a game-changing control board for the Kombo TAV platform. Boosting efficiency and precision, it’s set to redefine the cutting-edge of your production.

The new era in digital packaging & display finishing is here! Kombo TAV’s new core will take your pallet-to-pallet productivity to unparalleled levels!

Over 100 fully automatic Kombo TAV cutting systems are installed worldwide and today marks the dawn of a new, exciting era for the Kombo TAV: The Kombo TAV Evolution.

The next generation control board, re-designed electronics, and new motion control system with faster communication protocol take the brainpower of this already state-of-the-art cutting system to a completely new level.

Efficiency, productivity, accuracy, and overall performance have been taken to new heights, for a truly groundbreaking system, ready to take production to a new digital era.


Embrace innovation and impressive results, with up to:

+ 35% faster speed
+ 40% greater efficiency
– 30% energy consumption

Ready for Industry 4.0 and future AI integration.

Seeing is believing: Watch the video here

Elitron’s complete digital cutting and automation platform are ready to take your finishing to the next level.

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