Mutoh Europe appoints Akihisa Ogawa as Managing Director and Chairman

Mutoh Europe nv, EMEA business unit of Mutoh Industries Co. Ltd., Japan, announces the appointment of Mr. Akihisa Ogawa as Managing Director and Chairman of the company.   This strategic decision is driven by Mutoh’s strong commitment to accelerating its growth in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) business area.

Akihisa Ogawa will combine this new role with his existing role as Managing Director in charge of overseas sales at Mutoh Industries Co. Ltd, Japan.    While Mr Mitsuo Takatsu, as Mutoh Europe’s Managing Director, will continue to oversee Mutoh Europe’s daily operations and the execution of the company strategy, Ogawa will be determining – in direct sync with the board of directors of Mutoh Industries Co. Ltd in Japan – the long term business objectives of Mutoh in the EMEA business area and the overall strategy & direction of the company towards achieving sustainable growth and expanding its footprint as a trusted and preferred provider of innovative digital printing solutions. 

Aged 64 and holding a Master’s Degree in Economics obtained in 1982 at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan, Akihisa Ogawa joined Mutoh Industries Co. Ltd. in February 2019.  Before joining Mutoh, he built up a proven track record of success and experience in overseas sales at the company Panasonic®,  with executive missions of, in total 16.5 years in the US and nearly 3 years in China. 

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