M-TWO goes for growth with new premises and big plans

M-Two (Matching Talent With Opportunity) is a specialist recruitment company serving the print and packaging industry. 
Owners, Matt and Lyndsey Hanley have years of experience in the industry and have come together to bring a modern, friendly and successful formula to their recruitment business.
Lyndsey and Matt Hanley, owners of M-TWO - Matching Talent With Opportunity

After a successful start to the business, the company has made the big decision to leave the home office and set up in smart new premises in Cheadle, just south of Manchester. Matt explains, “Moving into the new office was a huge decision for us, but a hugely important one. We need to somewhere that matches our current needs and is also flexible enough to meet our ambitions and plans to grow the business.”

He continues, “The new location is perfect for us. It’s right on top of all the major motorway networks, and it’s on the main train line to the airport. This means we can attract the best talent from far afield as well as connect easily with businesses and recruiters around the UK.”

Matt has been in the print industry for 12 years and saw the opportunity to scale the business into different sectors of the print and signage industry. “I felt that having our own offices was essential to accommodate our growth plans. Now that we have settled in, we can see that our plans to grow the business have become all the more official. And, of course, extremely exciting!”

Plans for growth

Matt continues, “After a really successful start to running this business, the plan is to grow MTWO so we can help more businesses and people in the industry achieve their dreams and ambitions. I’ve had important and valued relationships that have been built over a long time, and these have helped to build the business so far. However, I know there are many more opportunities in vertical markets that we haven’t even touched yet. Developing the business in these markets means bringing in great people from within the print and packaging industry itself or experienced recruiters. Having lovely new offices will help us to do this.”

As well as tough economic times, Matt recognises that this has always been an industry that is short of candidates and with not enough good people readily available. “To be honest, despite all the gloomy economic predictions, I’ve not seen a slow-down in live positions, neither have I seen roles being put on hold, which is great news. For us, it’s business as usual as we position ourselves as the go-to recruitment agency in the market for people who are ready to take their next step.”

He adds, “We’re always proactive on behalf of our live assignment clients. For them, it’s the same as ever as we make the reward of moving greater than the risk!”

In conclusion, Matt says, “Recruitment is a process that has been around a very long time, and it is incredibly risky to try and reinvent the wheel. What I think we do differently is that we do the basics you would expect – but we do them really, really well. It’s something you very rarely get in our industry. What we mean by this is that we align your requirements and expectations to the market, and we challenge and advise. Most importantly, we are available to support and encourage you each and every step of the way. We do what we say we are going to do so that you know you can trust us and rely on us. We are not perfect, no one is, but we do know how to match talent with opportunity. It’s what we do.”

Visit www.m-two.uk for more information. Or pick up the phone to Matt on 07728 332371.

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