Metamark stars at FESPA 2024

Metamark was busy throughout FESPA, welcoming old friends and representatives from their world-wide distribution network to the show.

Metamark at FESPA 2024
Metamark at FESPA 2024

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Metamark was busy throughout FESPA, welcoming old friends and representatives from their world-wide distribution network to the show. There was much to discuss and some new products to share too. Among the most popular enjoying the stardom was MiA™; Metamark’s newly introduced range of interior architectural films. 

Architectural films and FESPA may seem like an odd fit but when you consider that the signs and graphic producers attending can work with the film range using the skills they have and tools they already own, the perception evaporates. MiA allows signs and graphics companies to deliver attractive, durable interior surface transformations for much less than the cost of replacing expensive interior infrastructure. Metamark’s partner network was alert to the potential and will be supporting and stocking MiA.

Metamark’s Digital Media has built a great reputation among digital printers so there was a lot of interest among show-goers in our offering at FESPA. Metamark’s MD-Class digital media ranges have kept pace with hardware developments being exhibited and today deliver reference-quality print and benchmark-setting productivity performance when used in the industry latest, high performing print hardware.

Despite the dominance of digital presses and media, Metamark also exhibited legacy coloured materials embodying forward-looking features and performance. In particular, their MetaCast® MCX was subject to much attention. This premium Cast Wrapping film is available in a range of colours echoing influences of the world’s most desirable exotic cars. In skilled hands, it helps deliver colour-change wraps that turn heads and promote desire. The range got a great reception and is already selling strongly lifted by demand from an enthusiastic specialist market.

Shaun Hobson, Metamark’s International VP said, “We entertained a high volume of European visitors which was somewhat expected with the event being in Amsterdam. That said, many made the trip from much further afield and sought out Metamark in some numbers to discuss potential partnership opportunities. The prevailing message from these, and other attendees, underscored a demand for deeply differentiated, quality products that can help grow a thriving, distribution business.

“Customisation and personalisation drive continuing demand in end-user markets and this lifts the opportunity for products such as our MiA range of architectural films which got a great reception. It’s clear to me, that there’s a demand building which can be supplied by MiA and a genuinely new business opportunity is available. 

“Another thing that’s clear is that Metamark’s brand and its products’ reputations are firmly rooted and established in the international arena. That’s thanks in no small part to our growing family of partners. They are due thanks and I’m delighted to give them.” 

Metamark be back at future FESPA events and other international shows. Metamark has a pipeline of products in development and represent the best opportunity out there in terms of representing a leading, quality materials brand.

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